Every Beyond the Classroom tutor is meticulously interviewed and evaluated to make sure they are dedicated, trustworthy, caring and nurturing. Because after all, they are responsible for so much more than just education. They help build the people we want our children to become.

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After obtaining my B.A. Honours in English Language and Literature at Brock University, I graduated from the same school with a Bachelor of Education. Though the focus in my B.Ed. studies was at the Intermediate/Senior level, I love working with students of all ages.

I am entering into my fifth year working as a high school teacher, two of which were spent primarily in a Special Education setting.  At my workplace, I have gained a diverse background in teaching students of differing abilities across the spectrum of high school subject areas. My favorite subjects to teach and tutor are English and Drama!

For me, the best part of teaching is seeing students experience what we commonly call the “aha” moment – when something clicks and they say, “Oh, I get it!” I believe that each student has a different path to reaching understanding, which is why I am passionate about providing one-on-one instruction to support and enhance classroom learning.


Domenico is a physicist from academia and industry, and beyond his family, has maintained a lifelong love affair with learning. His particular areas of interest are anything to do with what folks call STEM subjects these days. His career includes long stints in experimental physics, in the nuclear engineering field and in safety education for all levels of industry clients. Most lately, freelance tutoring of a younger generation in science and math topics has been a source of genuine satisfaction.

Things to do with the physics and chemistry of the universe, and the mathematics which describes it, has intrigued him through life, and when especially lucky, he has taken the opportunity to educate others on the myriad fascinating aspects of the material world we live in. When not engaging in the actual doing of science and engineering projects, he has taught a variety of audiences on subjects from Galileo’s breathtaking discoveries to radiation from nuclear power plants. His self-declared source of enjoyment is an engagement with audiences – whether one or many – on the workings of stars, amoebas or memory chips. His principle is to keep people interested while making certain to understand and keep in touch with the fundamentals, especially when math provides a useful description of the subject at hand. Young people especially deserve the best one can offer in accessible explanations and help in ideas and methods in use around them, so that they too can one day invent new ones.


Janet Lemon Williams is a certified teacher with five year’s experience in the Toronto District School Board teaching a variety of subjects K-8. More recently she has experience teaching at the university level in English, Philosophy, Women’s Studies, Dance in Film, Kinesiology for Dancers and Dance for Non-Majors. She holds three MA degrees: English, Theatre and Dance Therapy and has worked in the mental health field as well. Janet has over a decade experience working and teaching the Deaf and is fluent in American Sign Language. She also worked for two years as a writing tutor at the University of Guelph writing centre. Janet is currently working towards her PhD. I am skilled and experienced tutoring any arts or social science subject in any grade and post- secondary as well. I also spent twelve years doing an exhaustive study and teaching anatomy of movement and am comfortable teaching biology, physiology, kinesiology or anatomy.

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Rachel Tupling graduated from Guelph University in 2015 with a Bachelor of Applied
Science degree, majoring in Child, Youth and Family studies, as well as obtaining her Early Childhood Education Diploma. She then completed her Bachelor of Education from Brock University and became a member of the Ontario College of Teachers in 2017. Rachel has worked in a multitude of educational environments from working with children with exceptionalities, working at a Montessori school, teaching ESL students, as well as, working in a fully contained gifted classroom. Rachel was a camp counsellor for 2 years and had the opportunity of becoming the lead camp director in her third and final year. She has taught figure skating to a range of children and coached a variety of school sport teams. Rachel is currently a supply teacher through the Upper Grand District School Board and is enthusiastic about teaching and helping children succeed.

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Over the past 20 years, I have taught students of all ages, from elementary and high school through university and beyond! As a teacher certified by the Ontario College of Teachers, my Primary Qualifications are for teaching Intermediate-Senior French and English. I have also completed a Specialist in Special Education as well as English as a Second Language (ESL) and French as a Second Language (FSL) Additional Qualifications. After earning with my Bachelor of Arts degree with a French major from from Wilfrid Laurier University, I worked as a television researcher with the CBC in Toronto before raising my two sons. I received my secondary school teaching certification from D’Youville College in Buffalo, NY and my post-graduate Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language (CERTESL) from the University of Saskatchewan. Now that my kids have grown into university graduates and enterprising young adults, I am ready to commit to helping others to succeed.

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I have always been drawn to education. As a student, I was able to experience the confidence and motivation that a passionate teacher can instill upon a learner; it has been my goal to be able to provide that to my students.

I graduated from Brock University in June 2015 from the Concurrent Education program. I hold a Bachelor of Education in the Intermediate/Senior division along with a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in the Dramatic Arts and English- this qualifies me to teach grades 7-12.

Since graduating I have been teaching English, as well as practical theatre courses, full time in England for the past two years. My Dramatic Arts background allows me to bring an engaging and interactive approach to studying a text! My time in the UK challenged me to diversify my differentiation skills in order to ensure every student in my class could access the material- regardless of ability. Learning is not a straight path and sometimes a unique approach is required.

I am excited to be working with Beyond the Classroom and hope to pass on my passion for learning to those I meet!

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Giulia Rossi is a Toronto-born marine biologist. In 2014, Giulia received an undergraduate degree in Marine and Freshwater Biology from the University of Guelph. She spent the following two years at the University of Victoria where she earned a Master of Science. Her research focused on a bathymodioline mussel living in extremely acidic conditions on a subsea volcano. Giulia is now working towards her doctoral degree at the University of Guelph where she studies skeletal muscle remodeling in amphibious fishes. Giulia is passionate about inspiring children to ask more questions, to learn more, and to be more. She believes in giving children the freedom and support to pursue their interests and dreams. Through teaching and tutoring, Giulia uses her strong background in science and French to help students achieve success. 


I graduated from Brock University with an undergraduate degree in Child and Youth Studies with Honours in 2014, and completed my Bachelor of Education for the Primary/ Junior division at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology in 2015. Throughout my teaching experience I have been lucky to work with students of varying abilities. My teaching related experiences include: volunteering for the Halton District School Board for their Leveled Literacy Program working with struggling readers providing them with skills and strategies allowing them to reach their grade level reading. During my undergrad I volunteered at Brock University’s Reading Clinic creating literacy based activities and providing instruction strategies for reading to my client. I currently work for John Knox Christian School in Brampton as well as at Resurrection Christian Academy in Guelph as a Supply teacher. I previously worked for Durham District School Board on their Emergency supply list and for 4 years I worked as an Early Childcare Assistant at Bowmore Child Enrichment Centre in Toronto working with children 2- 6 years of age. Working with children is my greatest passion in life and I am so excited to continue to meet new students and make new relationships with my clients through Beyond the Classroom tutoring company.

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