An Open Letter To Students And Parents:

Offering our Online Learning Platform as Families Manage the Coronavirus

March 16, 2020 – Beyond the Classroom is no longer offering in-home tutoring services to families upon direction from the Canadian Government, urging Canadians to stay at home.

We care about your well-being along with the health of the tutors we work with and want to ensure our community is kept safe.

Over the past 6 months, Beyond the Classroom has been offering some families our online tutoring resource when an in-home tutor is not possible. Online learning has been an excellent substitute and we are able to provide this to ALL of our families moving forward.

We are focused on ensuring that the there is a good fit between the tutor and child. Even in the online space, it’s important for the student and tutor to be able to connect and learning to take place in an effective and fun way.

Our educators are working harder than ever to make sure students can continue their education at the highest quality in a safe environment.

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