Support Your Child at Home with Customized Consultations

Customized Curriculum Consultation™ Services for Families

As a parent we know that you want the best for your child, and we are here to help. Many parents are looking at easy ways to support their children during this school year to help meet the learning expectations of their grade level.

We are empowering parents through our Customized Curriculum Consultation ™ that will help you understand the learning expectations of your child’s grade and have a customized solution that meets your specific family’s needs.
  • The owner of your Beyond the Classroom location will get in touch with you directly to introduce you to our Curriculum Consultant through email
  • After the meeting, the Consultant will create a unique report for your family that will include:
  • A breakdown of the learning expectations in easy to read language
  • A list of resources that you can easily do at home to meet the learning expectations
  • Additional comments specific to your child and their learning needs
  • The Consultant will email you the PDF report and will arrange for a follow up 30-minute virtual meeting to walk you through the report.
  • If you work with one of Beyond the Classroom’s tutors, the report can also be shared with your tutor to ensure you are working together to support your child’s learning needs
  • Cost: $150 including HST

Meet our Curriculum Consultant, Suzan Grace 

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