Every Beyond the Classroom tutor is meticulously interviewed and evaluated to make sure they are dedicated, trustworthy, caring and nurturing. Because after all, they are responsible for so much more than just education. They help build the people we want our children to become.

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Bridget Gole is a graduate of the University of Toronto Masters Program for Theatre Studies, but it’s not always all about the drama. She has a love and proficiency in English literature from Shakespeare to Margaret Atwood, and history from ancient civilisations to the French revolution to current events. She enjoys reading, watching, and writing science fiction and fantasy, and sometimes likes to wade into the great existential questions and see what fun can be found there! Bridget is a mother of three, living in Guelph Ontario.


Best tutors in Guelph Beyond the Classroom Saara Sokk

Hello, my name is Saara Sokk. I am a Certified Ontario teacher (OCT) for Grades 7-12 in Geography and Music. My teaching experiences range from volunteering with my sister in the daycare, tutoring my friends and colleagues in University and teaching high school. I have a thirst for knowledge and a passion for learning. Some would add that I have made a career out of going to University since I hold three undergrad degrees. With that said, I will be able to add two more qualifications: History and English. In my spare time, I enjoy listening to music, playing instruments such as drums, guitar, and trumpet. I like watching tv and movies, playing video games and spending time with my family and dog Ellee.


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What I like best about being a tutor is that it is a fundamentally important job. Working patiently and positively with a young person, one-on-one, moving along at his or her pace, slowly but surely, is a step-by-step process that ultimately allows the student to achieve a sense of mastery over a formerly frustrating subject. For me, this is intrinsically meaningful in a way that most jobs just can’t match.

I have worked with children of all ages, from toddlers to teens, for over ten years as an early childhood educator, a mentor, and a tutor. After graduating with my Master’s Degree in writing from Rutgers University in 2000, I went on to work as a journalist, a creative writing instructor, and an artist-in-the schools. I also served as an ECE for five years at a preschool in Halifax, Nova Scotia before moving to Guelph in 2014. Besides being a full-time dad of a teenage son, I also continue to work as a freelance journalist, a playwright, and a novelist.

I am a highly organized person, computer literate, with a proven track record in lesson planning and implementation. I communicate well, both verbally and in writing, and work hard to develop a positive focus at all times with my students. I understand the importance of literacy and communication in life and am determined to help my students succeed.


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My name is Jessica Whysall and I graduated from the Laurier/Nipissing Concurrent Education Program in June 2019.  Throughout my five years I had the privilege of completing six different practicums ranging from K-6.  I was also lucky enough to gain some experience in a DD (Developmentally Delayed) classroom where I furthered my skills in the Special Education field.  I was recently hired on to the UGDSB OT Roster and I am thrilled to begin my career in teaching, which is something I have always been so passionate about.  My objective as a both a teacher and a tutor is to promote a safe, inspiring, and positive learning environment for all unique learners.  I look forward to sharing my skills and love for learning with your children through Beyond the Classroom tutoring.


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My name is Safia Mahabub Sauty and I am currently doing my Masters at the University of Guelph in Molecular and Cellular Biology. I have completed my Bachelors in Microbiology from University Of Dhaka. I have been working as a volunteer teacher for a non-profit organization in Bangladesh for about 3 years, where I’ve worked with underprivileged children to bring them the education they need. I have been fairly involved with in-home tutoring as well. I have always found it extremely rewarding to help children at the point where they stumble upon to reach their ultimate potential. Getting to shape young minds and help them build their confidence always seems like an opportunity to me. I’m eagerly looking forward to working with the amazing “Beyond the Classroom” students and families.



Gillian is an experienced Arts Educator and tutor who has been working with students in an educational setting for nearly a decade. She has experience working with students at all grade levels, but has had the opportunity to work extensively with primary students. She is passionate about helping young learners develop a Growth Mindset and find the joy in learning. When she’s not working for Beyond the Classroom she’s growing vegetables in her garden, running, and practicing yoga.


Alanna Vosper graduated from Brock University in June 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts in Child and Youth Studies and a Bachelor of Education in the Primary/Junior Division. Since graduating, Alanna has moved back to her hometown of Guelph, Ontario, where she is currently working as a Long-Term Occasional Teacher in a French Immersion school within the Upper Grand District School Board. She also successfully completed her French as a Second Language qualifications, which allowed her to build her skills as a French teacher.

Prior to beginning her teaching career, Alanna accumulated a variety of tutoring experiences by volunteering with the Learning Disabilities Association of Niagara (LDANR) as a Reading Tutor in St Catharines, and by starting a reading tutoring program for Grange Hill East Neighbourhood Group (GHENG) right here in Guelph. Alanna also worked as a camp leader, camp supervisor, and camp coordinator for the Guelph Neighbourhood Support Coalition (GNSC) for several years, further developing her competences when working with children and youth of various ages.

Throughout these opportunities Alanna has had the opportunity to engage with a diverse population of individuals, and it is her goal to combine her range of experiences with her ability to be a compassionate teacher to meet her students’ diverse needs – both in and beyond the classroom.


Rob Crawford1

I am a retired secondary school science teacher formerly with the Peel District School Board in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. I taught high school sciences from 1987 to 2018 at Turner Fenton Secondary School and prior to 1987, taught in private schools for four years. An additional two years were spent doing supply teaching as well as night school and summer school teaching.

I am an avid birder/ photographer and routinely contribute sightings data to the ebird website.  Since retiring in February of 2018, I have participated in several volunteer positions with Bird Studies Canada and The Canadian Wildlife Service. These include Thunder Cape Bird Observatory, The James Bay Shorebird Project, and the North American Breeding Bird Survey in northwestern Ontario. I spent part of December 2018 in the Philippines sightseeing and birding and travelled to California in March 2019.When not outdoors, I enjoy reading primarily about the challenge of restoring and preserving our environment.  I have two daughters, 28 and 25. The eldest is practicing Veterinary Medicine and lives in Monterey, California. My youngest daughter is in a MD program doing a year of clinical rotations throughout the United States.  She plans to do an Internal Medicine residency and practice in the United States.

I am well acquainted with the Ontario curriculum and look forward to working with students to ensure their academic success.


Katie Cheung

My name is Katie Cheung, a third year full-time student studying in University of Guelph. I am in Honours Bachelor of Science and my study areas are focused on human biomedical sciences and mathematics. I started being the first-year math tutor in University of Guelph since Sept. 2017, and I love tutoring  very much:)

I am passionate about teaching because I always believe that it is more blessed to give than to receive, and I like to share with my students  tips and tricks on leaning sciences and math. One of my greatest strengths is that I am good at summarizing the course contents and use easier words and/or real-life applications to help students gain deeper understanding of concepts in textbooks and help them prepare for exams.



My name is Mireille Martinez.

I have lived in Guelph for 32 years. I studied Child Development at the University of Guelph and stayed to live in this beautiful city once I graduated.

Besides having a degree in Child Development, I completed most of Gordon Neufeld’s courses in Child Development, I have researched and studied Neuro science on my own, did EFT training and I am presently studying to become a Brain Gym practitioner.

Since graduating from the University, I have worked with children and youth as a tutor, a French teacher, a French Teacher assistant, a preschool teacher, an after school teacher, an infant care giver, and an Early Childhood Program facilitator. I have always loved being around children and youth.

I am very attuned to children’s needs and love to make their day as happy and fun as possible.

I was born and raised in Mexico city, and lived in Belgium for a year as well as spend my  childhood summers in Germany, France and Algeria. I speak Spanish and French fluently.

I have many passions, but my strongest passions are learning from children and youth, Nature,Health, animals, travelling and making a difference in our community.

in home tutoring in Guelph

Teaching is Janet’s passion and life work.  She has been teaching most of her life, including teaching high school science, coaching gymnastics, teaching dance and fitness classes, and will soon be teaching yoga. Janet finds it rewarding to help others master new skills and build confidence in themselves. Janet graduated from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Nutrition, and then obtained a Bachelor of Education in General Science at Western University.  She has spent the last number of years working as an assistive technology specialist with students and teachers in schools across the province. Janet supports students who have difficulty with reading, writing, researching and organization, using technologies that are currently adopted by most school boards. Teaching strategies, in combination with computer tools such as graphic organizers, online calendars, word predictors and text to speech tools, support individual learning styles and can help students achieve their academic goals. Janet loves animals and has two dogs and two cats. She also enjoys watercolour painting, life drawing, sculpting, gardening and Kung Fu. She has four grown sons who love music and keep the energy high in their home. Janet is looking forward to tutoring with Beyond the Classroom and helping students meet their academic challenges with new strategies and confidence which will help them reach their full potential!

Greg Wells1

Greg has been tutoring since he was in highschool and since then has graduated from Brock University and is now an elementary supply teacher in the Guelph area. He strives to make every lesson meaningful and enjoyable for his students.

Greg has a passion for mathematics and physics and loves to encourage everyone to try every problem because he believes that a growth mindset is key to learning new material and building confidence. Greg is known for making his lessons enjoyable for each student he teaches as he personalizes the lessons to each individual’s interests.

Greg is excited to meet new students and continue helping them meet their full potential through the tutoring services of beyond the classroom.

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Over the past 20 years, I have taught students of all ages, from elementary and high school through university and beyond! As a teacher certified by the Ontario College of Teachers, my Primary Qualifications are for teaching Intermediate-Senior French and English. I have also completed a Specialist in Special Education as well as English as a Second Language (ESL) and French as a Second Language (FSL) Additional Qualifications. After earning with my Bachelor of Arts degree with a French major from from Wilfrid Laurier University, I worked as a television researcher with the CBC in Toronto before raising my two sons. I received my secondary school teaching certification from D’Youville College in Buffalo, NY and my post-graduate Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language (CERTESL) from the University of Saskatchewan. Now that my kids have grown into university graduates and enterprising young adults, I am ready to commit to helping others to succeed.

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