Every Beyond the Classroom tutor is meticulously interviewed and evaluated to make sure they are dedicated, trustworthy, caring and nurturing. Because after all, they are responsible for so much more than just education. They help build the people we want our children to become.

Learn more about some of our amazing tutors, and start helping your child today.

Nicolle Balta

Nicolle is originally from the USA and graduated from Eastern Connecticut State University (USA) with an Honours Bachelor degree in Social Work. She is currently entering her last year of the Bachelor of Education program at Brock University which has cemented her absolute LOVE for teaching!

Nicolle specialized in teaching primary/junior grades (k-6) but has other qualifications in special education and English up to grade 12. Nicolle is very familiar with EQAO and volunteers to scribe each year at different schools across Halton. Nicolle is presently an EA (Educational Assistant) part time (when not in school) for the Halton District School Board which allows her to work one on one with special education students. This has given Nicolle such a great opportunity to find new ways to incorporate the Ontario curriculum and mould the lessons to fit and make sense for each individual student!

This year, she taught all subjects in a grade 5/6 class, with a focus on grade 6 EQAO practice. Combining what she has learned at Brock and in her practicums, has enabled her to develop different methods and styles of teaching to reach differentiated learners. Through her inclusive teaching practices and interactive lessons, Nicolle strives to create a fun and positive learning environment where students feel comfortable to explore new and different ways of thinking. Nicolle has tutored in the past and has also worked with little readers programs teaching students as young as 3 to start reading.

Nicolle feels that it is extremely important to get to know her students and find out how they learn to forge a unique path to success for each individual student. Nicolle is excited to help students reach their goals and their highest potential while building their confidence and learning new skills!

Cassandra Silvestri

Cassandra is a recent graduate from the Concurrent Education program at Schulich School of Education with Nipissing University with Primary/Junior qualifications and a minor in Youth and Children studies. Cassandra has always had a passion for working with children and strives to encourage and foster educational success for all.

For Cassandra, the guiding factors of an educator are to be compassionate with students and make learning enjoyable. Cassandra has had 5 years of teaching experience in the subjects of Language, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, and Physical Education. Cassandra also has experience in working with English Language Learners and is devoted to enhancing their knowledge of the English Language in reading, writing and oral formats. She values the importance of establishing professional relationships of trust and care with students to create a safe and optimal learning environment to foster student success and believes that all children are capable.

Cassandra is very excited and grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the success of your child through Beyond the Classroom.

Beyond the Classroom tutoring Hamilton Stoney Creek

This is Kasandra Mrezar and she is an aspiring elementary school teacher. Kasandra recently graduated with a Master of Science in Education degree from Niagara University. Furthermore, she also has a post-graduate degree in Human Resources Management from Niagara College, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in French Language and Literature from Western University. Throughout her professional experience within the classroom, Kasandra learned every student learns differently, and a “one style fits all” method is ineffective. As such, she strives to foster an inclusive learning environment where every child feels safe, happy, and confident. Kasandra believes that each learner deserves an optimistic, nonjudgmental attitude, and she intends to bring this to the classroom each day. It is Kasandra’s hope that your child, or children – her students – will feel encouraged, and moreover, excited to learn during every tutoring session!

Kimi is a recent graduate of Brock University’s Concurrent Education program. Her love for teaching first sparked in high school, during weekend badminton coaching, which lead her to where she is today.

Over the years, Kimi has had the opportunity to tutor in reading skills, and complete multiple volunteer and co-op placements in various schools from grades 1-8, that were highly successful. She has a lot of experience working with children on IEP’s and English Language Leaners. Although she does specialize in Language, she has experience in teaching Science, Math, Social Studies, the Arts and Physical Education. By creating a safe place for children to learn and feel confident in their abilities, Kimi believes that every child can be successful. Especially when you foster a growth mindset.

Kimi strives to connect with each child she works with, so that she can tender her lessons to their interest and help make it meaningful using real-world connections to what they are learning. Kimi is an open-minded, versatile and creative person, and does not hesitate in bringing these qualities into her teachings. She truly hopes that your child will achieve their full potential and that she might have the pleasure of tutoring them.

Craig Waters

This is Craig and he graduated from Laurentian University in 2007 with a BA in History.  He went to South Korea for two years where he discovered his passion for teaching.  Upon returning home Craig received his Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Nipissing University. While at Nipissing, Craig was certified to teach History and English in the Intermediate and Senior divisions.  In addition, Craig has taken Additional Qualification courses in the Primary and Junior divisions from Trent University.

Craig’s main focus is on growth mindset which he finds helpful for all his students.

He has dedicated himself to not for profit work over the past five years in the areas of education, physical education and job preparation. The student’s he helped has fueled his desire to tutor and continue to be able to work one on one with students who have unique strengths and needs.

Craig’s interests include hockey, being outdoors, travel and the cottage.

Shannon Gaudette

Shannon is currently a full time teacher with the BHNCDSB. She received her teaching qualifications from the joint Concurrent Education program with Laurier and Nipissing University in 2016. Shannon graduated with Primary/Junior qualifications than after graduation upgraded to Junior/Intermediate (grades 4-10) to be able to teach the older grades. Shannon has continued upgrading her qualifications throughout the years and now has extra qualifications in special education.

As an educator Shannon understands that not every student learns the same way because every student is unique. She believes that getting to know her students and building a relationship with them is the key to helping them learn and grow as learners.

In her personal time, Shannon enjoys reading, listening to music, watching movies and anything related to superheros and spending time outside in the nice weather.

BTC House

Joanne is currently employed with the HWCDSB.  She has been teaching for 19 years.  She has her Ontario Teacher’s Certification and is qualified to teach in the Primary and Junior divisions.

Joanne graduated from Brock University with an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Linguistics.  She pursued her goal of becoming a teacher and graduated from Brock University with a Bachelor of Education.

Joanne has been part of Summer Learning Programs which were designed to help improve student achievement levels, strengthen student learning and make transitioning back to school easier in September.  She has also assisted in after school homework/tutoring clubs at her school and has extensive experience in administering and marking EQAO.

Joanne believes it is important to recognize that students have different learning styles and she feels that it is important to plan lessons and engage students in a variety of ways.  She believes that communication is an important tool among colleagues and parents.  She believes parents and teachers should work together to ensure a positive learning experience for all.

Joanne enjoys working with children inside and outside of the classroom.  She loves engaging students in extracurricular activities as well.  She feels it is important for students to be able to share their talents beyond the classroom.  Joanne has coached a variety of sports teams and has had the pleasure of producing Talent Shows at her school.

Joanne is excited to be a part of the Beyond the Classroom Tutoring Team and looks forward to working with students and connecting with them so that they can see success inside and outside of the classroom.


This is Cherie Brown and she is currently a PhD candidate at York University studying neuroscience (aka brain biology!). During her undergraduate degree, obtained at the University of Toronto, I would often organize and lead study groups to encourage critical thinking of course material among peers to further develop our problem-solving skills. As a current PhD student, Cherie has gained 5+ years of teaching experience as a teaching assistant (TA), a position that has utilized a selection of her strongest skills. Cherie provides a positive and dynamic learning atmosphere while simultaneously maintaining a high level of professionalism.  Cherie identifies as a core value the belief in delivering quality education and  will go above and beyond any expectations to ensure her students are best equipped with the knowledge they need to succeed. What Cherie values the most about one-on-one tutoring is that is allows her to provide individualized attention to students and to tailor the curriculum to their specific needs. As a tutor, she strives to be an educator and mentor while ultimately helping students reach their goals.

When Cherie isn’t commuting and teaching and learning she loves to listen to R&B music, play Kingdom Heart series for Playstation, watch Avatar, Legend of Korra and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.  Cherie’s favourite sport activity is track and field and  her fave movies are the Transformers and XMen series.

in-home tutoring Beyond the Classroom

This is Rachel and she is a graduate of the Laurier Brantford/Nipissing Concurrent Education Program. She received an honours degree in Contemporary Studies and English, as well as her teaching certification. Rachel is extremely passionate about teaching, and considers it a vocation rather than simply a career. Her main focus is always the wellbeing of each student. By building relationships and creating meaningful learning experiences, Rachel believes each and every student is capable of success. No matter the academic challenges facing students, she believes that through collaboration with the student, parent(s), and classroom teachers, any and every goal can be met and achieved.

Additionally, Rachel is passionate about building relationships with each student. She believes that if students feel valued and important as individuals in academic spaces, they will be more motivated to pursue and conquer their learning goals.

Rachel looks forward to working with students and parents to make academic dreams come true!

Beyond the Classroom in home tutoring Hamilton Mountain

This is Rebekah and she is currently in the Primary/Junior Teacher Education program at Brock University. Previously, Rebekah achieved a Bachelor’s degree in Child and Youth Studies from Brock University that she completed in 2017. It has always been her dream to be a teacher ever since she was in elementary school and is proud to say that she has made that dream come true. Rebekah has experience with the YMCA Before and After School Program and is currently a Gymnastics Coach. She has also completed placements within the Hamilton School board as well as the Niagara Board, working in a classroom setting as well as one-on-one support with individual students. Working with children is something Rebekah is very passionate about and she truly believes that children are capable of so many great things not only by themselves, but also with the help of someone guiding them and supporting them along the way.

best tutors in Mississauga

Vilia had the pleasure of recently retiring from an extensive career at the HWDSB.  During her 45 years of  teaching grades 4-10, Vilia mastered teaching all subjects with calm confidence and received a nomination for Teacher of the Year.  Vilia graduated high school in Niagara Falls, ON and started teaching vocal music to grades 6-8 for several years.  She then moved to Hamilton, married and had 2 children, while teaching and earning her degree from McMaster University.  Vila’s passion for teaching ignited with music and for many years she lead the choir and taught piano lessons.  She has years of experience teaching English, Math, History and Geography.  Vilia tutors many students as her love for learning is contagious and she thrives on supporting everyone connected to her students.

best tutors in Mississauga

Patricia is incredibly excited to be part of the Beyond the Classroom team. She is currently completing her final term of teacher’s college at York University and has completed her Youth and Children Studies degree with Contemporary Studies, while minoring in Criminology and Psychology. Patricia has experience with children in Kindergarten through grade six for all subjects and has facilitated multiple children’s programs for the Hamilton Public Library. Throughout her ten years experience, she has worked with children from diverse socio-economic statuses, different learning styles and varying skill levels. In addition to teaching, Patricia has volunteered with the Hamilton Basketball Association, where she was able to connect with children outside of the classroom.

As a student, Patricia can recall the teachers that played a significant role in her life and believed in her capabilities. These teachers went above and beyond to help her to ensure she succeeded inside and outside of the classroom. Patricia strongly feels, teaching is about more than just helping students get good marks, it is also about their overall well-being. It is important to make sure that a child also experiences mental, emotional, social and physical success. Her goal is to provide fun and meaningful learning, while improving a child’s confidence and academic performance. Patricia believes in progress above perfection and that every child has the potential to be great!

Ontario Certified Teachers Hamilton Tutoring

This is Breanne and she graduated from Laurier with a BA in Geography and completed her Bachelor of Education at Charles Sturt University in Burlington, ON and is qualified to teach primary/junior grades.

This past year, Breanne had an amazing opportunity to teach abroad in Thailand. She taught grade 4 at a private international school based on the British Curriculum. Breanne was required to teach all subjects and  feels confident to teach in all areas. It was here that Breanne created an extra curricular yoga program during lunch hour and ran an after school tutoring program for students within her class.

Breanne’s goal is to bring her classroom experiences and knowledge to her tutoring practices and do everything she can to make learning a pleasant and fun experience.

Breanne truly understands the importance of getting to know every student and their unique capabilities and tailoring her lesson plans and teaching strategies to meet each student’s needs. She strives to create engaging, fun and creative lessons in order for the student to comprehend the material that is being taught. She wants to ensure that her students gain confidence and successfully meet their personal learning goals.

Beyond the Classroom in home tutoring Hamilton

Beth is a retired High School Teacher with additional qualifications in the Primary Division and Special Education.  Beth spent 28 years teaching in High Schools and Special Education Classrooms and  taught a variety of subjects including English, math and science.  Beth has been tutoring students individually for 3 years from the private and public school systems, grades 2-10, primarily in math.  She had the pleasure of teaching piano and music to young children for a number of years.  Beth is passionate about teaching children and young adults and always strives to help them feel confident about themselves and learning.  When Beth isn’t teaching, she enjoys going for walks with her rescue beagle, Tommy!

best in home tutors in Hamilton

Tamara Fitzgibbon has been teaching in an Intermediate French Immersion classroom for 10 years. She received her Bachelor of Education from Brock University, and is qualified to teach Grades 4 to 8, all subjects, and she holds a specialist certificate in French as a Second Language.
Tamara believes all students can feel good about their learning and their achievements. She works to foster a positive relationship with students so that they are comfortable and confident in asking and answering questions, especially in math, and learning from mistakes. Having a Growth Mindset is something Tamara encourages in students to help them reach their goals.
When she is not teaching/tutoring, she loves to read, volunteer, and spend time with her two children and their mini-Schnoodle, Nyla.

French tutors in Hamilton

Carly Greene is currently employed with the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board where she teaches secondary French and is very excited to be part of Beyond the Classroom.  Carly is originally from Burlington and is also qualified to teach Mathematics.

Carly graduated from Brock University in 2015 where she completed her Bachelor of Arts in French Studies and Bachelor of Education.  During her time at Brock she worked for the Department of Residences in a supervisor role where she assisted first year students during their time in residence.  Carly was able to assist students who were struggling academically, with alcohol and drugs and with their mental health.

Carly looks forward to not only using her teacher training and experience but her training from Brock to assist the whole student.  She strives to build strong, impactful relationships with her students so they are able to see success inside and outside the classroom.

Marcia v

Marcia (pronounced mar-see-a) is a recent graduate from Nipissing & Laurier Concurrent Education with a primary/junior qualification.  She is a 24 year old, with a Portuguese background who grew up here in Hamilton.   Marcia always knew she wanted to be a teacher and looks forward to continuing to work towards her dream.   Marcia has had 5 years of teaching practice & experience in the classroom, covering subjects such as:  Language/Reading , Social Studies and Mathematics. Marcia has worked one on one with many students in various classrooms and within the special education realm. Her passion lies within getting to know the whole child.  Marcia understands curriculum is important to teach but also recognizes the connection between teacher and student is crucial.  Marcia’s goal is to make every child see that success is not only possible but a guarantee.  Marcia is excited to join Beyond the Classroom and sees tutoring as a wonderful opportunity to further her career as a teacher.  Marcia is looking forward to meeting your child & ensuring that they will feel more confident.   She understands the anxieties students face with a high-paced school system and can support your child to feel ready to conquer any struggle in school.

best tutor Hamilton Mountain

Cara is a lifelong learner as well as a teacher. She has a Bachelors’s Degree in Child and Youth Studies, as well as a Bachelor of Education, and Masters of Education. Cara has taught JK, grade 4, and grade 5 with the Halton Catholic District school board over the course of 8 years. She just returned from the United Arab Emirates, where she was teaching Kindergarten to Arabic speakers for 5 years. Cara is excited to return to the Hamilton area and work with students of all ages and abilities and help foster a deeper connection between home and school through tutoring. Cara looks forward to working with parents and their children to develop goals and achieve them through planned and authentic activities.

Best tutors Hamilton Mountain Amanda Hunt

Amanda was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario and from a young age  knew that she wanted to become a teacher.  Amanda has spent several years teaching swimming lessons for the City of Hamilton before accomplishing her goal of graduating teacher’s college. Amanda graduated from Brock University in 2017 with a Bachelor of Education and is certified to teach Intermediate and Senior grades, specializing in English and History.  Amanda sees tutoring as a great way to connect with students one on one which will help her develop her skills to teach in a classroom setting.  Amanda thoroughly enjoys helping others and explaining things and finds a lot of reward in helping her students. Aside from education, some of her favourite things include music, traveling, photography, and her two cats.

French tutor in Hamilton

Laura is a new teacher with a passion for teaching French. She graduated from McMaster University in 2016 with a Bachelor’s degree in French and History. She also graduated from Brock University with a Bachelor of Education in the summer of 2018. While at Brock, Laura completed four teaching placements at different high schools, she has been a tutor for all age groups through various organizations and worked as an ESL instructor for Columbia International College.

Through her experiences Laura has had the opportunity to connect with many different students from a wide array of backgrounds, ages, and personalities. One thing that resonated with Laura is how important it is for her to get to know her students on a personal level. She found, it enables her to learn about each student’s interests, learning styles, and preferences. She feels this is crucial in being able to gauge how to help a student achieve!  Laura takes pride in being a life mentor and a positive influence that inspires students to work hard and be confident in themselves and their unique talents.  She has 4 siblings ranging in age from 13-26 years old, and truly enjoys being about kids of all ages.  Laura loves her cat, Mr. Kitty, cooking healthy food, practicing yoga and dance, drinking way too much tea and taking long walks and runs in nature.

Laura will be staying busy by supplying for the Hamilton Wentworth School Board (I/S division French) and completing her FSL part 1 additional qualification course.  She looks forward to utilizing her skills by helping students through Beyond the Classroom.  Laura believes that every student has the ability to learn any subject; they just need the right tools and a patient, passionate teacher. She truly looks forward to meeting all new students and showing them how fun learning French can be!


Deborah is currently finishing her last year of teachers college at Western University. She is qualified to teach K-8 students with a specialization in Early Childhood Education. In addition, Deborah completed a bachelor degree in Contemporary Studies with a specialization in Child Education and Development at Wilfrid Laurier University, as well as diploma in Early Childhood Education from Mohawk College. Throughout her educational experience, she completed various placements, volunteer and employment roles in daycare settings, recreation centers, non-profit organizations and elementary schools, all of which has contributed to her learning. Deborah is a professional who is passionate for teaching, and she  plans to educate students with the utmost intention of establishing success.

Deborah is a local resident who graduated with honours from St. Jean de Brebeuf.

Lauren Tripp

Lauren graduated from Brock University in 2011 with an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in both Child and Youth Studies and Sociology. She then went on the graduate from Brock University’s Teacher Education program in 2012 with a Bachelor of Education for the Primary and Junior grades. Lauren has extensive experience working with children of a variety of ages in a wide range of settings. In the past she has worked at the Ontario Early Years Centers, volunteered for the Learning Disabilities Association of Niagara and volunteered with the Special Needs Activity Program at Brock University. Lauren currently works for the YMCA as a program coordinator, organizing the swimming program for children ages 0-16 and mentoring a staff team of mostly high school aged students. Outside of Lauren’s passion for teaching and mentoring she enjoys reading, swimming, travelling and spending time with her family and dog.

Gabriel photo

Gabriel graduated from Bishop Ryan Secondary and McMaster University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, before he discovered his true passion was to teach.  He was fortunate to obtain his teaching degree in Australia, where he also mastered his beach volleyball skills.

Since he has been home, Gabriel has taught Academic International Business Studies for MEI International Academy and Columbia International College, here in Hamilton.  Gabriel’s love of teaching and passion for community engagement can be channeled into his tutoring.  His approach to curriculum, behaviour management, and pedagogy are influenced by the 20th century learner and portray an inclusive environment inspiring success for all.

Gabriel still enjoys volleyball and loves to travel!  He also volunteers for a Catholic Youth Organization all while preparing for a fulltime career in teaching.

Sarah photo

Sarah’s path to teaching is different than most.  Growing up, she had always wanted to be a teacher, but decided to pursue a different path once she reached university.  She graduated from McMaster University in 2009 with an Honours Bachelor of Science in Physics, and in 2012 with a Masters of Applied Science in Physics.  She worked as a Physicist and Accident Reconstructionist for about 4 and a half years, before going back to her original dream and starting her Bachelor of Education at Brock University in 2017.  She is in the Intermediate/Senior division, and will graduate in the spring of 2019.  Her goal is to become a teacher of Deaf students. Sarah has prior experience with tutoring students of high school age, in various subjects.  She was also a teaching assistant for several classes (including Calculus and Engineering Physics) while pursuing her Masters degree.  Sarah also spent most of the summer of 2017 at the Ontario Camp of the Deaf, as a co-counsellor and a kitchen assistant.

Sarah is excited to be a part of Beyond the Classroom, and is looking forward to the experience, as well as making a positive impact.

Best tutor for kids Beyond the Classroom Hamilton Mountain

Wendy has always been passionate about teaching and learning, believing that meaningful education happens best when these roles are understood in succession. As a youngster, she relished the opportunity to play “school” to both emulate her favourite teachers and practice lessons learned.

After receiving a teaching degree, and a job as a full-time teacher, Wendy learned the importance of having organized curriculum to implement in a practical way.  So she attended workshops, revamped her curriculum, and tutored to become more familiar with the various ways that children learn.

Wendy took time to nurture her own three children, and quickly understood that there was much more to teaching and learning than what could be gleaned from a classroom so she enrolled in the Masters’ of Education program at Brock University. Upon completion , Wendy  sought opportunities outside the classroom, involving a role of drama and music teacher with the Hamilton Conservatory of the Arts, a GED teacher with Immigrant Women Centre, and an invigilator for exams at the university level. The part-time status of these opportunities allowed her to engage with her community as a volunteer with St. Joseph’s hospital.  Wendy looks forward to tutoring with Beyond the Classroom and connecting the practice of teaching and learning in new settings, while building relationships that foster understanding.

tutor Beyond the Classroom Hamilton Mountain

Christina earned her Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Child and Youth Studies and received her Bachelor of Education from Brock University in 2017. Her passion for wanting to become a teacher sparked from a co-op placement that she had in high school in a Grade 5/6 classroom. From this experience, she learned that children are some of the most creative and intelligent people she has ever had the chance to work with. Since then, Christina has been volunteering in classrooms within the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board, which has allowed her to become adaptable as a teacher by working with a variety of students in different settings (one-on-one and teaching the whole class) and understanding how to make learning a personalized experience for all of her students. She believes that creating a positive and engaging learning environment for her students will provide them with the opportunity to reach their full potential as learners and that being able to adapt her teaching to the specific needs of her students is vital to being a great teacher. Christina has taken an Additional Qualification course in Teaching English Language Learners Part 1 and is currently working towards getting her Intermediate qualifications in History.

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