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Laurel Crossley

Mindfulness and School?

Is Mindfulness Something You Should Incorporate into Learning? Join my conversation with Children's Life Coach, Laurel Crossley, to find out more.

Anxiety in Kids!

Find out ways you can help your child with anxiety from Children's Life Coach, Laurel Crossley. Laurel works with Beyond the Classroom families to help children overcome this common illness.

Is there a point to Music Lessons?

Is there really a valid argument for spending time and money on music lessons? Find out surprising benefits of those piano lessons with music instructor and therapist, Adrienne Pringle.

What are Learning Styles?

How does knowing your child's benefit them with school? I sit down with Educator and Blogger, Jill Campbell, to find out more.

What is Music Therapy?

We're hearing more in the media about the benefits of music therapy. What is it REALLY? Can it help EVERY child? Adrienne Pringle, Music Therapist, explains in simple terms how music can truly help many children.

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