Beyond the Classroom Ltd. is the first and only tutoring organization channel partner with this brand new, innovative organization called Thriver™. We love the idea of obtaining a comprehensive assessment of your child’s cognitive skills (Thriver™360) and offering ongoing brain games to strengthen any areas that still need development. This, in combination with in-home tutoring, will give your child a phenomenal foundation for learning!

Thriver™ helps parents understand how their children learn and identifies cognitive strengths and weaknesses while helping kids improve over time. This information is hugely valuable to parents and educators.

Thriver™’s innovative learning platform has been designed by a pediatric neuro-psychologist, and targets 9 important cognitive skill sets that have a big impact on your child’s academic performance, happiness and overall mental well-being.

Research has shown that online gaming can be a powerful tool in reshaping and enhancing visual-motor, spatial, visual and verbal skills, as well as one’s ability to self-regulate, make appropriate decisions and engage in problem solving. Thriver’s learning games are cognitively responsible and help target specific cognitive areas that can be improved over time by engaging in certain tasks that we help identify.

Parents and kids contribute to the data to formulate a picture of the child’s cognitive strengths and areas that may require improvement.Parents answer questions about their child and invite other family members and care providers to weigh in with our unique Thriver™360, and kids play brain games that target perceived areas of cognitive weakness. Thriver™ provides parents with a valuable cognitive report and gives parents recommendations for real-world activities that will improve their child’s cognitive performance.

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Check out the Thriver video to learn more!

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