Every Beyond the Classroom tutor is meticulously interviewed and evaluated to make sure they are dedicated, trustworthy, caring and nurturing. Because after all, they are responsible for so much more than just education. They help build the people we want our children to become.

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“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” Albert Einstein.

Being a facilitator, I constantly strive to achieve knowledge amongst students rather than just providing them with information. I have completed a Masters of Science in Analytical Chemistry and a Bachelor of Education degree.  My OCT registration is currently in process.  My philosophy resonates well with the aim of Beyond the Classroom of the overall development of the child, not only academic. Working with children and alongside their families to achieve the same will be my aim. In this journey of teaching and learning my goal is to make an everlasting impression and inspire my students and get inspired by them, with the hope to ignite imagination and instill a love for learning in them.

The one-on-one approach offered by Beyond the Classroom will help support the child’s individual needs and help me work on the needed areas for the benefit of the student.


Tutor at Beyond the Classroom South Mississauga

Reda Ahmed is completing her final year at the University of Toronto Mississauga, completing a BSc in Biological Chemistry. Reda is an experienced tutor, focused mostly on Chemistry and Mathematics. Her teaching and tutoring experience has provided her with the opportunity to work with students with diverse educational needs and she is adept at adjusting her lessons accordingly.

With skills in effective communication, a patient approach and an interest in continuous learning, Reda is well-positioned to support secondary students to be successful in the subject areas of Science and Math. I look forward to hearing from you, and working on a program to help your child grow.

best tutors Beyond the Classroom South Mississauga

Lyndsey graduated from York University in 2003 with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in English and History, then completed her Bachelor of Education from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto in 2004.  She taught as a full-time teacher in the Peel District School Board for six years before moving to Phoenix, Arizona from 2010-2015 and teaching there as well. There, Lyndsey obtained her Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on Early Literacy in 2015.  Since returning to Ontario, Lyndsey has continued to teach both as a one-to-one Learning Specialist, an occasional teacher, and Special Education Teacher. She holds Additional Qualifications in Math, ESL, Special Education, and is a Reading Specialist.

Lyndsey is passionate about student success, risk-taking, character development, and high expectations for all students. She has thirteen years of experience working with diverse groups of students. It is her priority for every student to feel valued, successful and challenged through a variety of activities.  Her Masters Degree and Reading Specialist Qualifications give her a fundamental knowledge to develop structured, enriching literacy activities for young students. She is also a lifelong learner who strives to keep up to date on the best research-based methods to support students.


Lyndsey feels that learning should be exciting and personalized. Students should have multiple opportunities to work hands on, to explore, to ask questions, to take risks and to have fun learning.

tutor South Mississauga Beyond the Classroom

Hi! I am Sanjay Marjara, and I’m currently entering my second year of Teacher’s College at York University. My qualified teachable subjects are business and social sciences at the intermediate and senior level. Prior to this, I graduated from Ryerson University with a Bachelor’s of Commerce degree specializing in international business and economics.

I have previous experience as a one-on-one tutor, facilitator of a youth athletics program, as well as teaching students within a classroom environment. I hope to integrate my experiences from business and the classroom to foster responsible study habits and practical study skills in the areas of Math, English and social sciences.

I place a high degree of importance on helping students develop self-assessment and self-regulation skills through inquiry based learning and critical analysis, which will better prepare them for post-secondary school and beyond. As a tutor, my job is to facilitate a students’ learning and guide them through problems, as well as help them make connections between various concepts for a more a thorough and comprehensive learning experience.


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My name is Marie-Louise Ferguson and I am a Math and General Science tutor here at Beyond the Classroom. I am currently an undergraduate student at University of Toronto, entering my final year of studies. Working towards my degree in mathematics and statistics, I have taken multiple courses in education and have had work placements at high schools in Mississauga. Upon graduating, I hope to attend teacher’s college or complete a master’s degree to teach on an academic level.

As a tutor, I am passionate about helping students to understand math in a way that suits their own specialized needs. I believe that self-confidence is key for excelling in this subject in school. With one-on-one time and tailoring of education to the areas that are struggled with, any student can build a foundation to conquer academic math. I aspire to make a connection with each student I tutor, and look forward to collaborating with a family to make tutoring an interactive and memorable experience for each child.

I look forward to hearing from you, and working on a program to help your child grow.

BTC House

My name is Mr Heenan. I’m a passionate educator with over 5 years international teaching experience. I’ve worked in several countries around the world – most recently China. I have a strong background in social studies at the primary and secondary level working with the Ontario, BC Ministry, and IB curriculums. I have also taught language, math, science and technology, and art as a primary teacher.

My main strengths as a tutor are the teaching of literacy (i.e. reading, writing, oral communication, and media literacy), research skills, and academic writing. Having worked overseas for many years, I am also very experienced working with language learners, particularly Chinese.

Whatever your child’s needs, I know that I can help them learn and teach them to become an independent learner.

I hope to see you soon!

Rosalie de Lara

Hello! I am an enthusiastic and friendly teacher who has a passion for education and children. I am a huge supporter of Beyond the Classroom’s pedagogy of teaching the whole child and believe in the importance of  a child growing academically, alongside developing mental health and resiliency in youth.

Academically, I have been tutoring elementary school and high school English and Math for over 10 years. I graduated from the University of Toronto in 2011 with an Honours Degree in English and Sociology. I was thrilled to be able to attend teacher’s college in Australia where I completed a Graduate Diploma of Education (Primary) in 2013. I taught Grades 5 and 6 in Melbourne and returned home after 6 years, happy to be back in Canada amongst family and friends.

I am very excited to work with Beyond the Classroom to help support students towards their learning goals and hopefully, develop my shared love of education! Thank you for the opportunity!

Diana Hamdoun

My name is Diana Hamdoun, I have a Master’s degree in counseling and a BA in education with teachable subjects of Math and science. My teaching and tutoring experience provided me with the opportunity to work with students with diverse educational needs. As a result of my experiences, I have learned how to effectively identify and nurture the strengths of each student. I utilized a variety of teaching and assessment strategies and was able to make appropriate accommodations to lessons; in order to benefit all learners and challenge students to reach their full potential.

Kris Nankissoor

Teaching has always been at the centre of Kris’s life experiences. He is an expert educator with an extensive background in Mathematics, Science, Co-operative Education, Environmental Science, Guidance Counselling and Leadership.

Before joining Beyond the Classroom, Kris spent 25 years teaching with North York Board of Education, Toronto District School Board and Peel District School Board in Canada. Over the last six years Kris had extended his teaching into the Middle East and China teaching and leading staff and students at several International Schools.

Kris is a specialist in Mathematics, Science and Environmental Science, Co-operative Education, literacy and numeracy, differentiated instruction and assessment.

Kris believes that the focus of education should be on the differing needs of children. As we support them in their growth, we build a web of support that catches them when they fall and serves as a springboard for their future.

Quality tutoring in South Mississauga Beyond the Classroom

My name is Jayde Hamilton and I’m an undergraduate student at York university studying mathematics. I’ve been passionate about math since I was in grade three. My teacher at the time found a way to make the content engaging and interesting, well to me at least.

I’ve always had a thing for numbers and patterns and because I find it interesting I tend to get excited when learning and teaching the subject. My end goal is to become a high school math teacher, because that’s where most students lose interest in it, and I want to be that teacher that makes math engaging and fun.

Beyond the Classroom in home tutoring Mississauga

Hi, I am Sohan Vemannagari, and I am currently in my first year of Teacher’s College at York University while concurrently completing a degree in Kinesiology and Health Science. I will graduate in April 2020 and will be qualified to teach Science and Physical Education at the Intermediate/Senior level. 

I have prior experience as a Kinesiology tutor for the Faculty of Health at York U, where I would assist first year students with their course work, facilitate study sessions and create mock tests/exams. I have also been privately tutoring high school students in science, geography and English before joining Beyond the Classroom. 

As a tutor I look forward to helping your child grasp the material and am also eager to help foster efficient study skills/habits that will help them succeed beyond the course, and in higher levels of education. Through internalizing the course concepts, I hope your child will be able to connect the material to their daily lives and become inspired to apply the knowledge to create positive change in our society.


Learning is not a linear path, and each student processes information differently. I want to make sure your child develops the strategies that help them make the most of their education! 

Hi! I am Diahlie Smith and I have earned a bachelor’s degree in Primary Education. I have over 5 years of teaching experience in both public and private schools, teaching multiple subjects. I have worked with a diverse number of children both locally and internationally, including children who have autism.

To further my education, I have pursued post graduate certificates in both HR and project management. With my level of education plus experience in teaching, I can provide children with that extra help that they need to get on top on their school work and stay on top. My passion for teaching and the belief I have “that every child can learn, and every child must learn” is what makes me stand out. With my positive attitude as part of my value set, I align perfectly with any child and their family.

Mary M

Hello! My name is Mary McCullagh and I am interested in tutoring students in various subjects. Considering my years of experience in University, I have had an extended amount of practice with writing, grammar, and language skills. I have also been teaching children in multiple settings through my placements which gives me the strong abilities to work with children of all ages. Having a wide skill set along with my experience in elementary schools, child care centres, and specialized facilities, I am able to connect with students of many levels. I have tutored children from ages six to fourteen with multiple abilities in language and reading skills.

best tutors in Mississauga

Victoria is a passionate and enthusiastic teacher dedicated to guiding students towards academic success and achieving their full academic and personal potential. She has had 5 years of teaching experience, having had the privilege of working with diverse groups of children from various cultural, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds including those with cognitive, physical and behavioural exceptionalities. As a result, she is conscious of the unique needs of each student and recognizes the importance of creating an inclusive, safe and positive learning environment where each student’s individuality is recognized and valued.

Victoria strongly believes in the implementation of differentiated instruction that is tailored to a student’s individual strengths, which in turn drives her instruction and shapes the direction of student learning. She also emphasizes the use of a variety of assessment and evaluation strategies that best suit each student’s strengths and needs.

Victoria has seen the unique perspectives students can bring to their learning and by following these practices, she encourages students to become active and engaged participants in their learning experience.

Furthermore, Victoria is collaborative and team oriented in her approach, building a strong rapport with students and parents by having open communication when discussing progress and achieving academic goals. Her enthusiasm, flexibility and passion for learning are essential components of her teaching.

Lauren C

Hi, my name is Lauren! I am currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Education program at Nipissing University in the Intermediate/Senior division. My two teachables are math and biology which I thoroughly enjoy, both learning and teaching. I completed my undergraduate degree with honours at the University of Guelph in Animal Biology. My whole life I have been very studious and did well in school, so I was always offering to help my friends and informally tutor them; in a way I have been tutoring others my whole life. I am highly motivated, a team player and very patient. I have a passion for helping and teaching others. I love how one on one tutoring allows for a good connection between the tutor and student and the ability for the teaching style to be well suited to the students learning style. In the past I have tutored for grade 11 and 12 math and volunteered in a few math high school classes. I strive to make learning fun, welcoming and fulfilling. I look forward to meeting you!

quality in home tutoring in mississauga

Hello! My name is Jennifer Hall and I have been a teacher, a tutor, and a coach for many years. I am passionate about helping students discover their individual and unique gifts, and guiding them to become proud of who they are. I graduated from Wilfred Laurier University with a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics, and went to Queens University for my Bachelor of Education. Since graduating I have been a tutor, helping students in grades 6 – 12 with most subject areas, in particular math.  I believe in a strong foundation and understanding of numbers is important – for school, and for life!

I love the ability to work one-on-one with students to really follow their individual learning needs and styles. I enjoy finding new ways of explaining advance and basic concepts that gear towards a students personal interests and find that these connections help to create deeper understanding.

It’s important to me to support the emotional and mental well-being of all students, to help raise their confidence and self-esteem, and really step into who they want to be.

best tutors in Mississauga

Teaching is a passion I grow to love more and more each day. It is one of the most rewarding careers that a person can ever experience. The growth that I see from my students inspires me to continue teaching.

I have 18 years of experience as an educator working with primary, junior and intermediate/senior division. I have extensive experience working with students who have an exceptionality, particularly autism, MID , LD, and dyslexia to name a few.

I use a multisensory approach in my teaching which means I use activities that will target all senses in order to assist the struggling learner.

With my passion for teaching and endless experience I know that I can make a change in any student’s academics.

Beyond the Classroom South Mississauga

Hi, my name is Nicole! In 2016, I graduated from Brock University with a Bachelor of Arts in Child & Youth Studies and a Bachelor of Education in Primary and Junior Grades. Over the last 2 years, I have taught JK – Grade 5 and most recently, had my own Grade 3/4 class in Scotland. It is a truly rewarding experience to be a part of children’s learning journeys as I watch them grow in ability and confidence. To me, building self-confidence is key as it enables students to be successful and truly shine. I love tutoring because children get to have that one-to-one experience that is completely tailored to their unique needs and abilities. I strive to create a positive, engaging and fun learning environment where children feel supported and motivated to learn. I look forward to meeting you!

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Hi! My name is Abdus and I’m an experienced tutor with over 4 years of experience tutoring and mentoring students of all ages, from high school to the university level. My academic area of expertise is particularly in math and science, though I am competent in all high school courses. What differentiates me from other tutors is not only my genuine passion for teaching but also my versatile experience in many different fields and career paths, which allow me to help the student unlock their true potential.

Gurpreet Nain

I feel I am a natural teacher who loves sharing knowledge with her students . I constantly  feel a desire to share ideas, communicate concepts and inspire conversation with those around me. It is most satisfying for me to be able to reach children, and see them progress over time.

I graduated with Masters of Arts in English and in Geography and have been teaching in public and private schools for over 15 years and am currently supplying in Thames Valley District School Board for junior and Intermediate classes.

I utilize a student-centred approach to teaching, which is focused on the process of learning. My primary goal is to teach the students how to think and build confidence in their abilities. Through my classes, I help students get excited about learning and think about things from multiple perspectives. I am friendly, patient and am able to build a respectful relationship with my students and their parents. I teach all subjects from grades 3-8.  It has been a matter of pride that all of my former students have shown tremendous growth after their tutoring experience.

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Jerald graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in History and Political Science. His passion for teaching started when he traveled to South Korea for one year to work as an English Instructor for young Korean students. He also taught for two years in China, as a high school teacher at an accredited Canadian international school.  Jerald is now enrolled in Niagara University’s Bachelor of Education program in Toronto.

He enjoys being an educator and having the ability to make a difference inside and outside the classroom. He understands that teaching is filled with challenges. You must be patient, understanding, relatable and be nurturing all at the same time.

As a tutor for Beyond the Classroom, he wants to inspire students to become something that they never thought they could be and make a positive impact in their community.

best tutors in Mississauga

I am an Ontario Certified Teacher passionate in bringing positive changes in the lives of young kids.

I have a Masters in English Literature and Bachelors in Education and five years experience in teaching  English Language to students of various age groups. I was working as a Team Lead in the Before and After  School Program with YMCA until last year and currently I am pursuing my studies in Early Childhood Education at Sheridan College . I also have experience working as a volunteer teacher in Grade 2 at Captain R Wilson Public School, Oakville.

I believe Beyond the School tutoring program is the best platform for me to meet new students and help them grow to the next level of their academic achievement.

Looking forward to meet you soon.

best tutors in Mississauga

Hello! My name is Juhi Arora and I’m proud tutor at Beyond the Classroom. I am an Ontario Certified Teacher qualified to teach Primary-Junior (K-6). I completed my Bachelor of Education through the Concurrent Education program at Queen’s University with a concentration in Social Justice. Prior to this, I completed my Bachelor of Arts (Honours) at Queen’s University with a major in Religious Studies and a minor in Psychology. I am currently taking additional qualification courses in Special Education and Kindergarten. I have also founded a cultural-fusion dance company where I have experience coaching youth to foster their creative freedom.

My passion for teaching is fueled by my love for learning and interest in child development. My goal as an educator is not solely to teach students’ content, but to teach them how to be active and lifelong learners as well. I strive to accomplish this goal through my teaching style: I use student-directed learning to encourage a deeper commitment to learning outcomes; an incorporation of students’ interests into content to foster interest; and make connections to real-life experiences to emphasize relevancy.

Often in classrooms, the attention amongst students must be shared. What I love about the atmosphere of tutoring is that you are really given the opportunity to learn about the student, develop a relationship based on trust, and cater to their needs on a deeper level. This one-on-one connection is beneficial for fostering both academic and emotional/social confidence.

tutoring in Mississauga, Science tutor

Hi there!! I am Geetika Chadha and I am really pleased to be a part of BEYOND THE CLASSROOM team, as it gives me an opportunity to follow pursue my passion of teaching. I have a Master in Science degree for physics and a Bachelor of Science with physics (hons.) and a Bachelor of Education in physical science and mathematics.

With almost 11 years of classroom teaching experience, and with my ability to accommodate and understand my student’s need, I am confident that I can really help your child to overcome his learning barriers. My greatest strength lies in motivating my students to do better and believe in themselves to achieve their life goals. Along with my skills and educational qualifications, it’s my positive attitude towards life which helps me to achieve the goal – to educate young minds to become successful individuals and to earn mutual trust and respect of the child and the parents .Looking forward to tutoring your child and help him/her to achieve their true potential.

tutoring in Mississauga Peel District School

Bonjour, my name is Ashton Bezanson and I am a French tutor here at Beyond the Classroom! I am currently in my final year the University of Toronto, studying French Teaching and Learning and History. As I have applied to teacher’s college and am hoping to attend this coming fall, I have taken advantage of many teaching experiences. Currently, I am a student teacher in two grade three French immersion classrooms, and I also volunteer at an essay writing clinic as a teaching assistant. I began my education in French in kindergarten, however, we also spoke French in my house growing up. As my passion grew I decided to further my expertise in university. The most important part of education for me is the relationship built between myself and the students. Having a comfort level greater than just a teacher to student connection is crucial in order to facilitate quality learning and communication, especially in a second language. I knew this was something I was passionate about from having such a special relationship with my younger brother, who is 10 years younger than me. Helping to improve his French and finding a way to make education fun was when I realized I had found my niche.

in home quality tutoring Mississauga Ontario Peel

Hello, my name is Michael Palermo and I am currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Education program at York University, having completed an Honours degree in Physics at YorkU and a diploma with honours in Liberal Arts at Seneca College prior to that. I work for the Faculty of Science at YorkU as the Senior Instructor for their Science Engagement programs where I write curricula for and present camps, workshops, and demonstrations at YorkU, schools, public libraries, and events. I feel that the greatest reward a tutor can have is no longer being needed – I hope to impart an understanding of and appreciation for the subjects I assist with in the hope of helping others realize their inner potential. I genuinely care about the success of those whom I educate, and I try to impart the passion I have for the things I love to others. In my opinion, positive learning experiences take place in settings where people feel comfortable expressing their questions and misunderstandings, and this is the environment I try to foster. I help my students de-mystify science and mathematics by being attentive to the multitude of ways they acquire and retain information and adapt my approach accordingly.


I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto with a double major in English Literature and Professional Writing and Communication. For two years, I attended the University of Ottawa where I completed my Bachelors in Education (Primary/Junior). Throughout teachers college, I was given the opportunity to work with three amazing associate teachers. I was able to witness their different types of teaching styles and how they were able to keep their students fully engaged while learning.

My passion for teaching had come from my grandmother as she was an elementary school teacher back in the Philippines. My interests in education developed when I was put in the classroom throughout my practicums. Each one of my students has impacted my life and because of them, I am who I am today. Not only do I teach them, but they teach me and I believe that is just as important.

My goal as an educator is to properly communicate with my students in order to provide them with an amazing and safe learning environment. It is an honour to be working with Beyond the Classroom. I hope to create a positive experience for your child by getting to know them and their interests in order to get them excited about learning.

In Home Tutor in Mississauga

I graduated from Bishop’s University (in Lennoxville, Quebec) with a Major in Educational Studies and Minor in Environmental Studies before receiving my Bachelor of Education (Primary). I recently moved back home after completing 2 years of teaching abroad in London, England. This experience allowed me to further develop my teaching practice as well as embark on an adventure along the way. I had the opportunity to teach a variety of age groups and pursue a position as a Kindergarten teacher at an independent school. Further, I have experience teaching in informal settings as well from organizing environmental conferences/workshops for local schools to leading science camps for First Nations children. My goal as a teacher is to spark curiosity and create an interactive as well as meaningful learning experience!

Katie M

Since completing my BEd at Western University in 2013, I have combined two of my passions by travelling and teaching! I taught students in Grades 6, 8 and 9 in Sweden and Grade 2 in Qatar. In those experiences, I worked with students from diverse backgrounds with diverse learning needs and goals. I believe my role as an educator is to foster a lifelong love for learning and inquiry in the hearts and minds of all the students I work with. I understand that each and every student possesses something that makes them incredibly special and it is my job to build on each student’s strengths in an engaging way.

It is my explicit goal as an educator to develop the ‘whole’ student. To me, building conviction and confidence within students is integral to building overall student success. I work towards this goal by promoting a learning environment in which students are met at their level and encouraged to grow based on their unique abilities and strengths.

I see myself primarily as a learning guide. I am there to assist students on their own learning path. I work closely with students to hone in on their specific strengths and learning styles. I then allow their natural curiosity and interests to drive and support their own learning. I am excited to be a part of the Beyond the Classroom team and I look forward to working collaboratively with families and students to build a learning environment in which students are encouraged, engaged and successful!


Languages are my passion. After 20 years of teaching English, French and Pascal (my passion embraces computer languages also), I can truly say that I have found a vocation that feeds my passion. I started my career in Saint Lucia in the West Indies, gained my OCT certification in January 2017 and I currently teach Grade 11 and 12 English in Burlington.
I am excited to be part of the Beyond the Classroom Team. I have found that students learn best when they are in a comfortable area and receive individual attention, all of which Beyond the Classroom pledges to provide each of its students. I embrace each of Beyond the Classroom’s values; a child-centred approach, showing respect for family life and making positive connections; as my own. These values have also been part of what has made my own teaching career a success. I look forward to working with you, parents and our students as we explore the wonders of language.


I am a new graduate from York University’s Bachelor of Education program with the teaching qualifications of Primary – Junior grades. As an educator, I feel that my rapport with my students is essential.  A strong rapport allows me to identify needs or modifications, interests, and the understanding that young learners in today’s schools have various stressors which they bring with them everyday! Having a teacher whom they trust and understand is vital to their development as young people. In my spare time I love to be outdoors with my two children, read a new book, and play Lego with my daughter.


Hi! My name is Iona. I am an elementary (K-6) qualified teacher with a specialist in ESL and qualifications in Special Education. I have been teaching for 16 years and enjoy working with all students. Over the years, I have found that when I work one-on-one with students, I can better guide them through their academic obstacles. My goal as a tutor is to help students reach their target grades and improve their confidence. I look forward to working with you and your child.

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