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Beyond the Classroom has been helping students with their academics since 1998. We have some fantastic tutors who will connect with your child and help them understand in a way that matters to them.

We offer:

Your First Session Absolutely FREE!!

In-Home Tutoring

Ontario Certified Teachers

Customized Learning Experience

Tutoring for JK to Grade 8

No contracts and Flexible Payment Options

If you're looking for the perfect tutor for your child, look no further.

It’s so important for children and youth to have a connection with their teachers in order to optimize learning and build confidence in school. 
Cathy Thompson

As the owner of Beyond the Classroom in Stratford my goal is to connect families with tutors who can build confidence and capabilities in their students. My background is in youth mental health and I know the importance of having a tutor who can establish a rapport and connection with their students. Children excel at learning when they feel good about themselves and their academics along with having the support they need.

I established Beyond the Classroom in 1998 in Burlington Ontario with a passion for teaching and helping kids learn in the way that makes sense to them. Having recently relocated to Stratford, I bring the 20 years of experience in working with teachers and students with me to support this community.

I’m happy to chat anytime about how our teachers can help your child!

What Beyond the Classroom Stratford has to offer

One on One Sessions

Our focus is always on your child.

We work with you to customize the tutoring experience so it fits your child’s needs. The sessions are usually 1-hour, 1-2 times per week.

Ontario Certified Teachers

Something you won’t find anywhere else.

All of our tutors are Ontario Certified Teachers and hand selected through a rigorous hiring process.

JK to Grade 12

 We have tutors for children at all stages of education.

We offer tutoring in Math, Science, Language Arts, French and Social Studies.

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