The End of the Tax Credit for Tutoring?

It’s tax time and I thought i’d do a bit of research to ensure families can continue to be able to use tutoring fees as part of the Children’s Activity Tax Credit. It’s a great way to reduce the taxes families are paying, while keeping children involved in activities they enjoy.
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With the new Federal budget being released this week, I wondered if there would be any changes moving forward for families. Indeed there are.
With the new 2016 Budget, it is proposed that the government will no longer allow the Activity Tax Credit in the same way it has been since 2010. Read more about the proposed change that will take effect January 2017.
They say “Ontario proposes to end the CATC as of January 1, 2017, and will focus on developing other programs to encourage physical activity and healthy eating for Ontario’s children, including those in lower-income families.”
I really like the idea of funding being put into developing other programs for physical activity and healthy eating – that makes sense to me given the issue we have with children weighing (on average) more than they ever have.
At Beyond the Classroom we focus on the whole child, including physical activity & healthy eating (check out our webinar recording Your Child’s Brain on Bananas) – so we will be keeping up to date on these new programs as they are developed. Let’s hope for a comprehensive strategy that really helps children and families enjoy a healthier life while at the same time, the government being fiscally responsible.

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