Each month we host free, live webinars for parents featuring a leading expert discussing how and why children struggle in school.
It’s probably not what you think.

At Beyond the Classroom in-home tutoring, we have the child at the centre of our business model.

Our goal in supporting parents is to bring innovative education to parents of school aged children that challenges the way things have ‘always been done’ with kids and education.

Our monthly webinar series focuses on aspects of children which impact learning. And when we address these, children naturally are more open to learning new concepts and, as a result, their confidence soars!

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Little girl looking angry in the kitchen with mother in background

How to Navigate Emotional Outbursts with your Kids!

October 5, 2016

9pm EST

The word "Change" written in vintage wooden letterpress type.

Change the Learner NOT the Curriculum! A New Paradigm

November 15, 2016

9pm EST

Social media from cutout newspaper headlines pinned to a cork bulletin board

Social Media Smarts: Stay up to Date on What Your Kids are Doing Online

January 19, 2017

9pm EST

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