Beyond the Classroom is thrilled to offer your child a FREE intermediate level writing workshop with an experienced Ontario Certified English Teacher! 

ALL youth in grades 7-10 are invited to join us for a 1 hour interactive writing workshop which will teach them how to properly structure a piece of writing. This includes the development and organization of thoughts & ideas, writing a juicy topic sentence & thesis statement, and linking ideas to help their writing flow. 

Your child will have the opportunity to engage in an actual interactive writing assignment, with our teacher throughout the session.  The formal workshop component will be approximately 45 minutes, with a 15 min open question and answer period at the end!


Your child has the opportunity to work with one of our teachers for FREE! 

After the completion of the workshop, your child will have the chance to schedule a time to meet one-on-one with one of our Ontario Certified Teachers (OCT) online.  Our teacher will review your child’s writing in advance, and offer personalized, live feedback about their completed writing.  In this FREE one-on-one session, our teacher will review your child’s writing with them and offer practical, constructive suggestions to help them become even better writers! 



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