Beyond the Classroom helps families through custom tutoring in-home & online JK to Grade 12

We are here to support you parents! We know that with so many choices that you have for your child’s education due to covid there are a lot of decisions to make and it’s not easy. Our intention is to provide you with professional, caring and experienced tutors to support whatever schooling decision you make; homeschooling, remote learning and in-class. You can trust us to support your child’s education in a way that makes sense to your family’s needs.

The centre of our business model is YOUR CHILD and we are the only organization offering tutoring since 1998. We not only provide support for academics, we support the whole child. We know your child’s academic success is not only about how much they know, it’s also about ensuring their other needs are met. Many of our tutors share backgrounds in special education, and we have experts that work with us to help kids who have anxiety.

It’s not just about tutoring, we want each child to be the best they can be – confident with who they are, in school and out.

We have tutors who are specialized in tutoring grades JK to 12 in Math, English, Science, Social Studies, Early Literacy Skills, Reading, Writing and French.

Many of our tutors have their additional qualifications in special education, which includes assisting students with ADD, ADHD along with other learning disabilities.

By choosing Beyond the Classroom your child receives:

  • Tutoring for homeschooling, remote learning and in-school learning
  • Tutoring with a certified teacher
  • Support with homework, test preparation and assignments
  • Reinforcement of information learned in class and online
  • A customized learning experience
  • A caring tutor who connects with them to accelerate learning

Our Purpose

Beyond the Classroom provides tutoring services that support and develop your whole child.

Our Values

We are child-centred.

We provide a positive learning experience for your child. This means meeting your child where they’re at, cultivating a strong relationship with them, understanding their personal learning style, and actively working to build their confidence while they learn.

We respect family life.

We offer flexibility with scheduling, payment options, session content and tutoring locations to work with your family’s schedule; adapted to fit real life.

We know connection is crucial.

The positive connection between the tutor and your child is as important as the learning that happens during tutoring sessions; this connection is strongest when tutors work one-on-one, and face-to-face.

Connect with us TODAY to see how we can help your child! 


Featured in Reader's Digest!

Beyond the Classroom founder and owner, Cathy Thompson, was interviewed by Readers Digest magazine to provide families across Canada with tips on how to overcome some common homework issues. Read the Article

Customized Tutoring Programs

Our hand selected Ontario teachers are the foundation for our personalized tutoring sessions. Bringing their knowledge, experience and creativity to your home to help your child reach their potential. Our tutors will work with you to determine the best plan for the tutoring sessions – whether that is homework help or integrating additional resources to help your child excel.

Beyond the Classroom is on YourTV!

The founder of Beyond the Classroom is the community producer and host of a new TV show on YourTV (Cogeco)! We share insights, resources and tips with families about issues that are affecting kids and their learning. Topics include anxiety, nutrition, growth mindset and more. Learn More

We are HIRING!

At Beyond the Classroom we are always on the look out for some great teachers to work with our students. Learn more about how you can become part of our team today. Learn More

Beyond the Classroom has tutors available now in Ancaster, Burlington, Carlisle, Dundas, Flamborough, Guelph, Hamilton, Milton, Mississauga, North Brampton, Oakville, St. Catharines, Stoney Creek and Waterdown

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