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Have you considered owning your own tutoring business but didn’t know how to get started?  Do you have a calling to help children and youth along with finding solutions for parents?  Do you want to save time and money by purchasing a turnkey business with support, branding and an excellent reputation? We are the franchise for you. 

Since 1998 Beyond the Classroom has been offering in-home (and now online) tutoring for children in JK to Grade 12 in all subjects. In 2014 we established the franchise and currently have 12 locations serving families within Ontario and across Canada.

Our franchisees are dedicated, professional, knowledgeable and amazing people.  Cathy Thompson, the founder and franchisor of Beyond the Classroom is extremely selective of the franchise partners who join the team to continue to provide excellence within the organization and across the system.

At Beyond the Classroom, each franchise partner has unlimited potential to make a difference in the lives of students in the area in which they serve along with creating a sustainable business model that is scalable.

Our strategic business model allows for continued growth and opportunity within the multi-billion dollar tutoring industry.

What if……

You could own a business you love AND balance your family commitments?

You could create a schedule around your life to make the most out of your days and have the balance you are craving?

Your business could impact the lives of many children and youth in your community?

You were a part of a supportive team of amazing business owners and had access to training and resources at your fingertips?

Imagine what’s possible for you owning a Beyond the Classroom franchise. We are here to help you grow your own business through our tried and true system that was established over 10 years ago.

Beyond the Classroom franchise

As one of the first tutoring organizations in Canada, you benefit from our longevity and expertise in the industry. We are able to guide you through the process with ease so you can start helping students right away.

Since the 1990’s Beyond the Classroom has been boosting children’s confidence in school through customized, 1:1 tutoring. We have tried and true systems and support to help you establish your own location quickly.

Our focus is cultivating a team of successful business owners and in doing so, providing unsurpassed customer service to the families we work with.

Read and listen to what our franchise owners have to say

Cheryl Vrkljan owner of Beyond the Classroom Ancaster Milton, Carlisle, Dundas, Waterdown and Guelph
Cheryl Vrkljan, owner of the Milton, Flamborough and Guelph locations of Beyond the Classroom

In choosing a franchise, Cheryl Vrkljan wanted to leverage her education and mental health background to support children and families. “I was initially drawn to Beyond the Classroom because it meshed perfectly with the things I value most in life: children, family, education, and connection.”

Despite the company’s growth and expansion, Vrkljan appreciates that the core value of helping children succeed in their own way remains the backbone of the organization. “It’s the reason that Beyond the Classroom attracts fabulous likeminded business owners, who just happen to all be other brilliant women!”

She says finding balance when running a business while raising a family is a challenge. “I am the primary caregiver for my family, and the reality is that most women still find themselves in this position, regardless of owing a business. I quickly had to learn to be very efficient in how I use my time, allocate my resources, and decide which activities to be involved in.”

Vrkljan fuels her success by surrounding herself with like-minded people, reading, meditating, and constant self-development. “I never stop learning and striving to know more because I know it helps me grow and expand my boundaries to be a better person and business owner.”

She says connecting to the purpose and values of a company is a metric of success. “Some important questions I would ask are: Do the core values of the franchise fit with your own core values?  What systems are in place to support you as a business owner?  What processes are in place to support you when things go wrong, and when things go well?”

-Franchise Canada Magazine, February 2020


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Women-led franchise systems are empowering women in franchising to business success in tutoring, tanning, and home care. Three franchisees share their experiences in these predominantly female industries.

Beyond the Classroom

Beyond the Classroom offers in-home tutoring to chil­dren from JK through Grade 12, so it’s no surprise that families, and moms in particular, are at the centre of this franchise. Trish Petersen, owner of the South Missis­sauga, Ontario franchise, knows this firsthand. “Moms are our primary point of contact,” she says, “and being a part of a female-led organization and having the experi­ence of raising children in the school system provides insight into what families are looking for.” Knowing what it’s like to be on the client side of the equation allows Petersen to see how Beyond the Classroom stands out in the busy tutoring marketplace. The empathy that comes from being a franchisee who is also a mom is key, provid­ing greater understanding of what client-parents need.

Having franchisor Cathy Thompson as a mentor in the business has been invaluable for Petersen as well, especially in such a competitive marketplace. As Petersen was establishing her franchise, she was able to look to Thompson for support and a model for success: “As the business has grown, I always have that person who is steps ahead of me and has input on how to meet those challenges.”

Like Thompson, Petersen says she has an apprecia­tion for the “softer side” of the business world, some­thing crucial when dealing with families and children. “Focus on your own path and the history that led you there, all the things that are unique about your own brand, and let that speak and provide success for you,” Petersen encourages.

-Franchise Canada Magazine, February 20, 2019

Mississauga Owner, Trish
Trish Petersen, owner of the Mississauga location of Beyond the Classroom
Rosemarie Reid-Julien Owner of Beyond the Classroom North Brampton
Rosemarie Reid-Julien, owner of the North Brampton location of Beyond the Classroom

Here are the key points summarized from the interview with Franchise Canada Chats:

  1. Background and Motivation: Rosemarie Reid- Julien, a high school teacher with 16 years of experience, became a franchisee of Beyond the Classroom to combine her love for teaching with entrepreneurship.
  2. Franchise Selection: Rosemarie chose Beyond the Classroom because its core values resonated with her, emphasizing community, meeting students where they are, and instilling growth mindset. She appreciated the personal connection and support from the founder, Cathy Thompson.
  3. Experience as a Franchisee: Rosemarie celebrated her first anniversary with Beyond the Classroom in 2020, mentioning ongoing learning opportunities, community engagement, and support from other franchise owners.
  4. Challenges and Adaptation: The COVID-19 pandemic posed significant challenges, leading to a decrease in sales. However, Rosemarie adapted by offering virtual tutoring through an online platform called Lesson Space, which helped her overcome the challenges of social distancing.
  5. Support and Training: Beyond the Classroom provides ongoing support, including webinars and one-on-one assistance. The close-knit community of franchise owners allows for collaboration and idea-sharing.
  6. Benefits of Franchising: Rosemarie highlighted the support system, networking opportunities, and personal growth as key benefits of being a franchisee.
  7. Gender Dynamics in Franchising: Rosemary didn’t face specific challenges as a female business owner within her franchise, and she emphasized the importance of women in franchising due to their nurturing nature, emotional intelligence, and risk-awareness.
  8. Advice for Success: Rosemarie advises potential franchisees to do thorough research, ensure there’s a demand for the service, build a support system, and consider workload balance.
  9. Personal Life and Stress Management: Rosemarie mentioned balancing her role as a mother of three with her entrepreneurial responsibilities.
  10. Promotion and Services: Beyond the Classroom offers one-on-one, in-home and online customized tutoring by Ontario certified teachers, focusing on meeting the holistic needs of students and families.

“I was becoming burnt out from my work, travelling a lot, no boundaries -all of the bad stuff that catches up with you. I needed a change and knew of one franchise, Beyond the Classroom. I called one of the franchise owners, who I knew personally, to learn more about the business because I knew she was successful in it and did the transition a couple of years before me. She had told me how positive her experience had been so far in her journey so I thought, tell me more.”

Here is a summary of key points from Tamara’s interview on Franchise Canada Chats Season 2:

  1. Background: Tamara had a career in the nonprofit industry, focusing on mental health, before transitioning into franchising.
  2. Midlife Career Change: Tamara experienced burnout in her previous career and sought something different. She found a support system in franchising.
  3. Franchise Selection: Tamara chose Beyond the Classroom franchise, partly due to her personal connection with the founder and the alignment of values with her previous career in mental health.
  4. Initial Training: The franchise provided comprehensive training, focusing on systems, operations, and even lifestyle aspects, tailored to her needs and preferences.
  5. Challenges and Support: Tamara faced challenges that the training didn’t fully prepare her for, but she received ongoing support from the franchisor, Cathy Thompson, and found informal support among fellow franchisees.
  6. Personal Growth: Running the franchise has allowed Tamara to rediscover her passion for helping people while also earning income and avoiding burnout.
  7. Expansion Plans: Tamara’s future plans include expanding her territory driven by her increased awareness of educational needs in the community.
  8. Successes and Achievements: Tamara celebrated her franchise’s record-breaking monthly sales and is excited about partnerships in the community, particularly in suicide prevention.
  9. Personal Traits: Tamara describes herself as confident, friendly, and knowledgeable, essential traits for running a franchise.
  10. Key to Success and Failure: She emphasizes the importance of staying positive and learning from failures, viewing them as opportunities for growth rather than setbacks.

Overall, Tamara’s journey highlights the significance of finding a franchise that aligns with your values and interests, receiving adequate training and support, and maintaining a positive mindset to overcome challenges and achieve success in the franchising industry.

Tamara Leniew Owner Beyond the Classroom Hamilton Mountain
Tamara Leniew, owner of the Hamilton Mountain and Stoney Creek locations of Beyond the Classroom

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Cathy Thompson, the founder of Beyond the Classroom, talks about the key things she looks for in a franchisee.

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Beyond the Classroom franchises

frequently asked questions

Do I have to be a teacher to apply for a Beyond the Classroom franchise?

Not at all! We offer comprehensive training to support you in this role. 

What if I don't have any business experience?

We are thrilled to offer a robust training program and ongoing support in this way. You are not alone! Regular one on one sessions along with group meetings, help you build your business.

What is the franchise fee?

The initial franchise fee is $24,000 plus HST. This is non-refundable and due upon signing of the Franchise Agreement.

What is the term and royalty payments?

The franchise agreement is for a 10 year term from the time of signing. The royalty payment is 6% of gross sales each month.

Can you tell me about the training location and expenses?

We offer a customized training experience for you just as we do for all of our tutoring students! The location will be determined between Beyond the Classroom and the franchisee. The cost is $2000 for the training plus any transportation, food and accommodation costs.

What is a summary of the process?

Step 1: Connect with us by email at [email protected] 

Step 2: Arrange for a personal call to discuss your career aspirations and ask any questions you have.

Step 3: Complete the Preliminary Application Form

Step 4: Complete the Secondary Application Form

Step 5: Review Disclosure Document

Step 6: Sign Franchise Agreement and provide Franchise Fee in full

Step 7: Arrange for training and open your location of Beyond the Classroom

Do I need to lease a space?

All of our franchisees work from a home office because the tutoring is done online or in-home. There is not a requirement to lease a space to run your business.

How many more franchise locations are available in Ontario?

At this time, we are planning to expand into 10 more Ontario communities. We are simultaneously looking to expand outside of Ontario.

Who is the founder of Beyond the Classroom?

Cathy Thompson is the founder and franchisor of Beyond the Classroom.

Some fast facts about Cathy:

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Disclaimer: This information is not an offer to sell a franchise. Any franchise offer is made only after a Franchise Disclosure Document has been provided.

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