Online Tutoring for High School Courses

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Online High School
Learning Support

Our tutors are amazing at engaging with students to support their online and in-person classes. Not everyone can learn all of the concepts fully while they are in class, and we’re here to help.
We will pair your family with a knowledgeable tutor who will work with your child from the start to the completion of their course. We have expert tutors who have first-hand experience with the curriculum and a variety of teaching methods to help clarify and re-teach concepts. The online tutoring platform, the Lesson Space, is an incredible tool that connects tutors and students to make the most out of the tutoring sessions. 

Learn more about popular questions asked about the Lesson Space here.

Course help

Grade 9

Math, Science, Geography,
English and French

Grade 10

Grade 9 Math, Science, Geography,
English and French

Grade 11

English, Functions, University/College (Mixed) Functions & Applications, Physics, Biology, Chemistry

Grade 12

English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Advanced Functions, Calculus and Data Management

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