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In March 2019, the Ontario Ministry of Education released a new education plan for students in both elementary and secondary school.

According to the ministry, in a March 15 document entitled “Education that Works for You — Modernizing Classrooms,” secondary school students will take a minimum of four e-learning credits out of the 30 credits needed to complete requirements of an Ontario secondary school diploma.

The number is equivalent to one credit per year, with exceptions for some students based on individual cases.

At Beyond the Classroom we know that it can be very difficult for students to learn independently and we are here to help. Our certified teachers will work with your child to help them gain valuable study skills and a greater understanding of the material being taught in the online class.

As always, the tutoring is one on one and customized for your child, so they are maximizing their study time.

Contact us now to learn how we will help your child gain confidence with their online courses through one on one tutoring with our education experts.


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