Beyond the classroom policies

By this Agreement, Beyond the Classroom and the undersigned (“the Client”) agree that Beyond the Classroom will provide tutoring services to the Client on the following terms:

  1. Beyond the Classroom will assign a tutor to the Client based upon Beyond the Classroom’s assessment of the Client’s individual educational needs. The assigned tutor will provide customized instruction, homework support and educational assistance to the Client.
  2. The assigned tutor will meet the Client for instructional purposes in the Client’s home or such other location as may be agreed upon by the Client and Tutor or Beyond the Classroom Administration. The Client will provide a location in their home or elsewhere as agreed that is appropriate for and conducive to individual instruction by the tutor. Tutors shall not be required to provide services at a tutoring location which the tutor feels is unsafe for either the tutor or the Client.
  3. The Client will pay Beyond the Classroom upon the receipt of the tutoring invoice sent by email on the 1st and 15th of each month. Acceptable forms of payment are cheque, email money transfer, or credit card. In the event of a cheque being returned NSF, the Client will pay an a service charge of $15.00 per returned cheque. In the event of repeated NSF cheques, Beyond the Classroom reserves the right to require all payments to be in the form of pre-authorized credit card.
  4. The Client will ensure that a responsible adult is present at all times during tutoring sessions. Tutors cannot accept responsibility for child-minding or supervision of children in the absence of a responsible adult. Tutors do not prepare meals, administer medication, run errands or provide any services other than educational instruction.
  5. Beyond the Classroom, and its individual tutors, expect students being tutored to behave appropriately during tutoring sessions. Student cell phones should be turned off. Tutors will not enforce discipline. The Client is responsible at all times to ensure that individuals being tutored refrain from unruly or obstreperous behavior, and shall take such actions as may be necessary to ensure a proper learning environment exists during tutoring sessions.
  6. Each Client will be provided with notes on their bi-weekly invoice, completed by the tutor assigned to the Client. In the event that the Client is not satisfied with their progress, or with the conduct of their tutoring sessions, the Client will report their concerns to Beyond the Classroom, who will then work with the Client and the tutor to identify and resolve any problems which may exist in the provision of tutoring services to the Client. In the event that the Client’s complaints cannot be resolved with the existing tutor, Beyond the Classroom, in its discretion, will assign another tutor to the Client.
  7. Tutors shall be available for reasonable phone or email consultations with the Client’s classroom teachers at no charge. If a tutor is required to attend a meeting with the Client’s classroom teacher, the Client shall pay the tutor for this meeting as if it were a tutoring session.
  8. In the event a tutor is unable to be present at a scheduled tutoring session, the tutor shall provide as much notice as possible to the Client and the session will be rescheduled (if possible).
  9. In the event the Client wishes to reschedule or cancel a tutoring session, the Client shall give the tutor at least 48 hours’ notice. In the event that the Client does not provide at least 24 hours’ notice of the need to cancel or reschedule a session, the Client will pay the tutor a cancellation fee of 1/2 hour of the one hour tutoring rate. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if the Client does not provide adequate notice of cancellation and the tutor arrives at the tutoring location, the Client shall pay the tutor for one hour of tutoring time.
  10. The Client recognizes that the tutor is on contract with Beyond the Classroom. Clients must contact Beyond the Classroom Administration when rebooking their tutor. Any students that are referred to the Beyond the Classroom tutor by the Client must work through Beyond the Classroom and referred clients must sign the Beyond the Classroom Family Information form and must follow all polices set forth by Beyond the Classroom.
  11. The Client hereby waives any claim it may have against Beyond the Classroom for losses incurred or damages suffered as a result of the provision of tutoring services pursuant to this agreement. The Client further expressly agrees to indemnify Beyond the Classroom with respect to any claim made by a third party against Beyond the Classroom resulting directly or indirectly from the provision of tutoring services pursuant to this agreement. Notwithstanding the foregoing, this waiver and indemnification do not extend to deliberate acts of wrongdoing on the part of Beyond the Classroom.
  12. This agreement shall be governed at all times by the laws of the Province of Ontario.
  13. You acknowledge that you are receiving tutoring services through a franchise location of Beyond the Classroom. Beyond the Classroom Systems Inc. is not responsible for claims and actions of the franchise location you are working with.

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