Growth Mindset and learning

We know the idea of a Growth Mindset is incredibly important for lifelong resiliency in children and youth. It’s NEVER too late to start teaching these concepts to your children or students.

When you are a competitive athlete, it’s so important to have a growth mindset. Learn more in this article about having a growth mindset as a competitive gymnast.

Why Having A Growth Mindset Is Key To A Young Gymnast


Cheryl Vrkljan, owner of Beyond the Classroom in Milton shares 8 videos and resources to help you with amazing tips and tricks to bring this to life.

Week 1:


Resource: Growth Mindset Tip 1 For Parents:  Praise in All the Right Ways!

Week 2:

Video #2:

Resource: Growth Mindset Tip 2 For Parents:  Teach Fixed versus Growth Mindset

Week 3:

Video #3:

Resource: Growth Mindset Tip 3 For Parents:  Teaching your Child about their Brain!

Week 4:

Video #4:

Resource: Growth Mindset Tip 4 For Parents: The Power of YET!

Week 5:

Video #5:

Resource: Growth Mindset Tip 5 For Parents: Teach your Kids how to Fail

Week 6:

Video #6:

Resource: Growth Mindset Tip 6 For Parents: Get out into Nature!!

Week 7:

Video #7:

Resource: Growth Mindset Tip 7 For Parents: 6 Fascinating Facts about Praise!

Week 8:

Video #8:

Resource: Growth Mindset Tip 8 For Parents: Mindset for the Competitive Child!


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