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Looking for a tutor that connects and
understands your child?

Beyond the Classroom has been working with students since 1998, providing customized, 1:1 tutoring. We have amazing online teachers available NOW to help your child continue with their academics for all subjects in grades JK to 12. Often he tutoring sessions take place online on our tutoring platform called The Lesson Space. It’s an engaging online space where tutors and students connect using video, audio, share resources, screen share and edit in real time.  If your family or tutor prefers another platform, you can use that as well! It’s a great way for your child to stay on track with the work from their teachers.
We want to reduce YOUR stress as a parent during this difficult time. We know you are balancing competing demands at home and we’re here to help. Our tutors are engaging, knowledgeable and can keep your child on track with their work remotely!  The Lesson Space platform is easy to use and compatible with most devices.

You will receive a unique URL that is your online meeting “space”. This is the online place where you will meet your tutor each time. The tutor and student can upload resources to the space to be used for the tutoring session. The tutor and student connect by voice and video to ensure the sessions are engaging and meaningful.

This is a fantastic space where learning can take place easily and efficiently. The platform has video and voice, screen sharing for both students and teachers, a whiteboard, coding applications, math tools, real-time editing and much more. It was developed by tutors, for tutors.

Yes! One of our core values is about the connection between the student and tutor. We know that optimal learning can take place when this relationship is established.

No, you simply click on the link and enter your first name and email address, then you are entered into the space to meet your tutor.

Lessonspace is device agnostic but is dependent on the functionality provided by the web browsers of platforms (i.e. Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, etc..). Tablets and Phones do not support screensharing due to limitations of the firmware on said devices. All functionality is supported on mobile and tablet devices. For iOS, only Safari is supported as other browsers do not support WebRTC.

Lessonspace will work on Chrome, Firefox, Safari (iOS 10+) and Edge. Internet Explorer 11 and older browsers are supported but without audio or video. We recommend either using the latest version of Chrome or Firefox as they deliver the best experience.

Lessonspace requires a minimum of 256kbit/s of uplink per video publishing stream, and a minimum of 256kbit/s of download per video receiving stream. Screen sharing doubles this to 512kbit/s. The signalling and content itself has a negligible bandwidth requirement. In total, for 1 on 1 lessons, at least a 1mbit/s symmetrical connection is recommended.

Resources for teaching and learning at home

Need help with your child’s work at home? Check out some of these resources depending on the subject they are currently learning.

Printable preschool and grade school worksheets for all subjects.

Interesting and challenging online activities

Resources for teaching

GoNoodle® engages 14 million kids every month with movement and mindfulness videos created by child development experts.

Blend of fun and learning that helps both left and right brained children learn through

Center for Education in Mathematics and Computing

A wonderful collection of short math movies. Each is 2 or 3 minutes in length

Great activities and instructions for students to develop a better understanding of fractions.

A large collection of K-12 ten-minute tutorial Youtube videos and practice problems. Videos under ‘Arithmetic’ and ‘Developmental Math’ are most appropriate for grades 4 – 6.

A collection of worksheets, activities and short quizzes sorted by strand.

Free math website with games, lessons, challenges and enrichment. It is created for middle or junior high school grade 7, grade 8, grade 9, and grade 10 students, teachers, parents and tutors.  Many of the exercises increase enjoyment, confidence and ability in mathematics and are good for homework and test preparation.  The exercises can also be used for enrichment with students in grades 4, 5 and 6.

Love math? Hate math? This site is for you!

Biz Kids provides resources that teach the basics of financial literacy.
This website is dedicated to helping children learn to read.

Here are some fun reading worksheetsactivities, and other reading resources that teachers can use to teach students to read.

Excellent teaching resources

The latest news, stories and views about children’s author Roald Dahl

Everything you want to know about Harry Potter including spells, potions, maps etc.

Short stories that concentrate on vowel or blend sounds. Primarily designed for Pre-K to Grade 2.

Empowering youth literacy, reading fluency and global awareness through current events, books and movies.

National Geographic’s site for young readers is one of the best resources for information on the internet about the world, people and wildlife.

This site is a way for students to travel the world without having to leave their classroom!

Today’s news headlines in a kid-friendly format that includes interactive games.

Space telescope education program

Ask A Biologist began in 1997 in the School of Life Sciences as a biology learning resource tool for students, teachers, parents, and life-long learners. is a site with games, activities and resources to get older girls excited about STEM.

Kids CBC is a mix of newsworthy events, entertainment, games and pop culture.

Climate Kids offers kids clear answers to questions on global climate change through sections on weather, air, the ocean etc.

Provides a brief overview of chemistry, the study of matter and how it changes and interacts with other matter. Describes different types of chemistry ranging from biochemistry to physical chemistry.


Complied by Suzan Grace, educator of over 20 years and tutor with Beyond the Classroom. Updated April 2022

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