In-Home Tutoring Services

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Help your child feel amazing about school

Since 1998 Beyond The Classroom has helped thousands of children in Ontario feel great about school. We are proud to be one the first in-home tutoring organizations in Canada and we continue to help students with all grades and subjects.

With Beyond The Classroom tutoring you can expect:

  • Support for remote learning, homeschooling and in-school learning
  • The best customer service from the time you contact us until you finish tutoring
  • No contracts or pre-paid sessions
  • Tutors who are kind, compassionate and make learning fun
  • In-home or online options available for all students based on your family’s comfort level
  • A continuous update of our policies and procedures (re: covid-19) to keep your family and our tutors safe

Beyond the Classroom is an extraordinary tutoring organization focused on boosting confidence in the children we tutor. Our highly trained and hand-selected tutors work with you to customize the tutoring sessions – providing exactly what your child needs. We work with students in grades JK to 12 on all subjects including math, science, English, French, language arts and social studies.

Students who have a diagnosis of ADD, ADHD or other learning disabilities are supported by our tutors as well. Many tutors have their special education qualifications along with their teaching degree to assist our students in a way that works for them.

We are the only tutoring organization focused on the whole child. We know academic struggles do not happen in isolation – the student might be experiencing additional challenges – anxiety, depression, sleep issues, along with different learning styles & abilities. We have access to several professionals, along with our expert tutors, to help.

Focus on the whole child

What We Offer

One-on-one Learning

Our focus is always on your child. Through one on one tutoring sessions, we focus on your child’s needs and how we can help accelerate their learning.

In-home tutoring

We offer in-home convenience for parents with busy schedules. A comfortable, safe environment is also essential for learning.

Customized Learning

Every child learns in their own way. We approach each child as an individual and customize the sessions based on their needs.

Expert Tutors

We work with Ontario certified teachers and degreed professionals to support our students.

JK to grade 12

We have tutors for children at all stages of their education. Because not all children learn at the same pace. We offer tutoring in Math, Language Arts, Science, French and Social Studies.

Contact Us Today

Message us and let’s start helping your child excel together. 

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