Kathy B.

Sabrina is an engaging and insightful tutor, she has a world of patience, and is able to adapt to different learning styles in order to assist the student according to individual need. My 15 year old daughter and 13 year old son have both shown significant improvement in their understanding of subjects they were previously struggling in, and are more organized and on top of their studies. I would highly recommend Sabrina to anyone looking for a tutor for their child.

Coleen M.

Firstly, I can’t speak highly enough about our tutor and the impact she has had on my daughter’s learning.  My daughter took to her right away, and has never complained about her tutor sessions.  The tutor understands my daughter and has the ability to work with her in a fun yet effective way, not to mention she has always be punctual and flexible.  Ultimately, the hard work has paid off in my daughter’s marks.  She has had a very successful Grade 6 year, which has had a positive impact on her confidence.

Maggie B.

Our tutor was amazing! She helped my daughter so much! We look forward to having her back in September to continue tutoring Carly

Heather B.

Working with Beyond the Classroom has helped my daughter in her reading and writing and I have only been with them for 3 months. Already we are seeing a difference in her confidence and ability.

Thanks BTC!

Melissa T

Thanks for your help Beyond the Classroom! The tutor you assigned to us was very helpful with our daughter’s challenges in grade 8 Math. After several weeks of hard work our daughter’s average increased 15%!!! She has a much better understanding of math concepts heading into grade 9 – thanks again.

Marlyn K

Brandi S

Kristine’s one on one focus and attention to making learning enjoyable has made a significant difference. Thank you.

Deborah L

Thank you so much for the tutor that you assigned to my son. I have to honestly say that I did not expect the caliber of the teacher that was sent. The tutor was not only a qualified teacher but was experienced in handling children that have learning disabilities. I would not hesitate to use this service again. Also, having a tutor come to my home was the ideal solution when you have a somewhat reluctant student.

Joanne H

I was extremely pleased with the tutor’s abilities and she was a perfect match for my daughter. I was also just as pleased with the promptness that you found a suitable tutor – thank you!

Grace J

Our daughter (13) has now been tutored for 2 years with Beyond the Classroom. Each tutor provided has been outstanding both academically, and socially. You sure know how to pick the cream of the crop!

Laurie M

Beyond the Classroom has given our family confidence and flexibility. The confidence I see in my kids because our tutor is so well matched to my kids’ needs and flexibility because she comes to our home – and there is no contract to sign. I have used other tutors over the years and Beyond the Classroom is by far the best!!!

Sandra M

Thank you Beyond the Classroom for helping in the areas of Math and English. The tutor was well matched to our daughter. She was very patient and made homework much clearer.

Nikki M

Our son has struggled with math, and as each year has passed, his confidence has plummeted. Beyond the Classroom has given him so much more confidence, we never hear the heartbreaking “I am so stupid” anymore.
Thank you!

Cedric F

I highly recommend “Beyond the Classroom” tutoring services. The in-home tutoring service is very cost effective and convenient. The tutor is very qualified and understands the current school curriculum. The tutor works with my son to give him the writing and language skills he needs to succeed. Most importantly, my son’s enthusiasm for school has returned. His confidence and grades have greatly improved! Many thanks to BTC!!!

Maria P

Beyond the Classroom provided the extra help my daughter needed to improve her math mark substantially. Thank you!

Yvonne J

We are grandparents to Hayley and are most pleased with the progress of Hayley due to her magnificent tutor Monique! This teacher is one of a kind! She has helped Hayley so much in many ways. Keep up the good work!

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