In-Home and Online Tutoring

Expert tutors in Guelph

When you book a tutor with Beyond the Classroom Guelph you can expect:

Tutoring for all grades and subjects:

-A customized learning experience for your child
-Your first tutoring session absolutely free
-Over 20 years of experience tutoring children in grades JK to grade 12
-No contracts
-Competitive rates
-Scheduling that fits your family
-Elementary and high school tutoring available for all grades & subjects

Beyond the Classroom has been helping students with their academics since 1998. We work with the best tutors in Guelph who will connect with your child and help them understand in a way that matters to them.
We can help you find a tutor so your child can boost their confidence in reading, writing, math, science, French and social studies. The tutoring sessions are fun and customized to fit your child’s learning needs.

If you're looking for the perfect tutor for your child, look no further.


Are you a teacher?

We are:

-hiring retired teachers
-hiring part time teachers
-looking for the best tutors to support kids in Guelph!
Visit our Jobs Page for more information

What Beyond the Classroom Guelph has to offer

One on One Sessions

Our focus is always on your child.
Through one on one tutoring sessions, we focus on your child’s needs and how we can help accelerate their learning.

Ontario Certified Teachers

Something you won’t find anywhere else.
All of our tutors are Ontario Certified Teachers.

JK to Grade 12

We have tutors for children at all stages of their education. Because not all children learn at the same pace.
We offer tutoring in Math, Language Arts, Science, French and Social Studies.

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