Individualized Summer Tutoring

tutoring sessions with a certified teacher

Summer is here and there is no better time than to brush up on those skills that may have been missed this past school year. Beyond the Classroom offers customized, 1:1 tutoring for students in JK to Grade 12 in all subject areas including math, language arts, English, French, science, spelling, reading and writing. With the covid learning loss that has occurred over the past three years, now more than ever kids can use a boost with their academics to catch up.


In the summer we know that flexibility is key for families. You can arrange a summer schedule that works for you with one of our professional tutors. If you need to connect from the cottage, not to worry! We offer online tutoring to provide a hybrid model of in-home and online tutoring.

Our tutors are mainly Ontario certified teachers or have a university degree with a professional designation along with tutoring/teaching experience with children. Our tutors make learning fun for your child so they enjoy their sessions while learning important skills at the same time.

for Summer School

Customized summer tutoring for primary students. Brush up on reading, writing and math with fun tutoring sessions with a certified teacher.

Look no further, Beyond the Classroom offers tutoring in all summer school courses for grades 9 to 12.

Now is the time to strengthen those writing and math skills to ensure they are feeling prepared for high school.

Work 1:1 with a professional tutor this summer to get them school-ready through fun and interactive tutoring sessions.

Customized weekly tutoring with an engaging certified teacher is a great way for them to review those foundational academic skills while having fun.

What We Offer

One-on-one Learning

Our focus is always on your child. Through one on one tutoring sessions, we focus on your child’s needs and how we can help accelerate their learning.

In-home tutoring

We offer in-home convenience for parents with busy schedules. A comfortable, safe environment is also essential for learning.

Customized Learning

Every child learns in their own way. We approach each child as an individual and customize the sessions based on their needs.

Expert Tutors

We work with Ontario certified teachers and degreed professionals to support our students.

JK to grade 12

We have tutors for children at all stages of their education. Because not all children learn at the same pace. We offer tutoring in Math, Language Arts, Science, French and Social Studies.


Give the tutoring with Beyond the Classroom a try for a free, no obligation session today.

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