“I can’t keep this up!”

Parents we have heard you loud and clear and we are here to help!!

Beyond the Classroom Summer Tutoring JK to Grade 12 in Ontario

This has been an unprecedented school year where parents have been thrown into the teaching role at home.  Relax this summer and let us take things from here! We have amazing, experienced and knowledgeable tutors available to help your child learn over the summer.

In as little as 1 hour a week, your child can keep on top of their curriculum learning and be ready for the fall.

This summer, we are offering several areas of focus to help your child achieve success in learning this summer.


Beyond the Classroom reading and writing tutoring

Love Literacy

We know how important it is for you to have your child reading and writing at their class level. Our tutor will work with your child to provide customized, one on one activities and instruction to bump up their confidence and skills in literacy. The tutors make learning fun and our students look forward to the sessions with their tutor.

Summer Math tutoring Beyond the Classroom

Math: Core Concepts

Over the past 20 years we have found that some children have a lot of anxiety about math, saying things like “I don’t get it”, “I am not a math person” or “I’m just not good at math”. Pairing your child with the best teacher for them will engage them in a way that helps them feel confident in math, no matter what the grade.  Through one on one, customized tutoring sessions, your child will have the opportunity to strengthen the areas they are struggling with. Tutors will also give kids a head start with Ontario’s new math curriculum. Bringing kids back to basics to ensure they have what they need to succeed in school.

Here is a look at the newly launched curriculum: https://www.dcp.edu.gov.on.ca/en/curriculum/elementary-mathematics

French summer tutoring Beyond the Classroom

Fantastic French

With kids being out of the classroom since March, French conversation skills are sliding – if you don’t use it you lose it. Our fun French tutors provide a variety of types of tutoring including conversational sessions, grammar and overall French immersion support. Your child has worked hard to gain an understanding of French, don’t let that slide this summer.

Start Strong for High School Beyond the Classroom

Start Strong for Grade 9

During this unprecedented time, grade 8 students may have gaps in their skills and knowledge in the areas of math and English, along with other subjects. Our tutors will work one on one with your child to ensure they have the knowledge, skills and confidence to feel prepared for grade 9 this fall.

tutoring summer school success

Summer School Success

The Ontario Ministry of Education is urging kids to take summer school courses to continue to accumulate their high school credits. If your child is taking any grade 9 to 12 summer school course this summer, we are here to help! Helping your child stay motivated and on track to complete their course is what we’re all about.

Tutoring for high school upgrades

Upgrading Courses? We’ve Got You Covered

This summer the Ministry is offering some great opportunities for kids to upgrade their high school courses in half the time! We are here to help your child succeed in this accelerated program, no matter what the grade or subject. Staying motivated and on top of the workload will be keys to success – our tutors are here to help!

We have amazing tutors ready to work with your child on making sure they keep up their studies!

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