I believe in inspiring people to see their own brilliance in this world in order to achieve their own true potential.
Cathy Thompson

Cathy Thompson is the founder and operator of Beyond the Classroom in Burlington, Oakville and Hamilton surrounding areas. She is passionate about helping children achieve academic success, as defined by them. She integrates her knowledge of children’s well-being with academics and has created an organization focused on the whole child.

Cathy lives in Burlington with her family and loves to connect with other parents and business owners who share her passion for supporting children.

If you're looking for the perfect tutor for your child, look no further.

What Beyond the Classroom has to offer

One on One Sessions

Our focus is always on your child.

We customize your child’s learning experience to ensure we are meeting their needs. The tutor can work with you to design the sessions to meet your goals. The tutoring sessions are 1-hour, 1-2 times per week.

Ontario Certified Teachers

Something you won’t find anywhere else.

All of our tutors are Ontario Certified Teachers.

JK to Grade 12

 We have tutors for children at all stages of their education.

We have tutors available to help with Math, Science, Language Arts, French and Social Studies.

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