Preparing for a Tutor

Parents often ask me for some tips on preparing their children and their home to optimize the tutoring experience. Here are a few ideas that might help:
1) Ask your child about their expectations about the tutoring – are they fearful? Relieved? Nervous? Angry? These emotions are normal for elementary students having a tutor for the first time. It is a great way to engage the child in the process while validating their feelings.
2) Discuss with the child that the session will be 1 hour focused on them and their needs. It is someone that is there to help with anything they are struggling with and it’s okay to ask questions.
3) Ensure you have a quiet space set aside for the tutoring – no background noise from the television or radio.
4) Have some study materials on hand – some paper, notebooks, pencil, pen, eraser, calculator and the child’s homework/assignment that needs to be worked on during the tutoring session.
5) Share with the tutor some of your child’s interests – the tutors will often incorporate this into the sessions to keep the child engaged and interested.
6) Have fun with it! The tutors are trained to make the sessions worthwhile, engaging and fun for the children.

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