How We Choose the Best Tutor for Your Child

One of the best compliments we receive is a tutoring referral from one family to another. Beyond the Classroom Ltd. was founded on word of mouth referrals and that is one of the reasons we are so successful. We give great care and thought to who we select as a tutor for your child.Learning Styles Part 1a
We take careful consideration of each student’s needs before matching them with a tutor. If we can’t find a great fit, we don’t send any tutors out to work with your child. We also give families the first one hour session for free just to be completely sure.
Here’s more information about how we choose the best tutor for your child:
~We start with an initial consultation to discuss your child’s needs, strengths and challenges.
~We ask about whether your child has had a tutor in the past – what worked and what didn’t.
~Parents share what days and times work best for their family.
~Any other relevant information is shared through a family information form submitted to us.
~Knowing about the student’s personality also helps us to determine a best fit
Once we have this information, we select from the tutors we have working with us to get the best fit from the information we’ve already gathered.
Next the tutor contacts the family directly to confirm the date and time and any other additional information.
If for some reason we do not have a tutor who seems to be a great match for your child, we will not just send any tutor out to your home. We know the best learning relationships for students are those in which there is comfort and connection with the tutor.
If you are wondering if in-home tutoring is right for you, contact us to discuss your child’s needs and we’ll work together to obtain the best support for your child.

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